Whether you want a new look for your dull backyard or a boring workplace, there is nothing like beautiful lighting that instantly transforms décor. From LEDs to solar-powered lights, lighting options are endless. Not only do these modern lighting fixtures look beautiful, but they are also cost-effective in the long run.

Outdoor lighting highlights your landscape features and provides security in dark areas around your exterior or at the door. Here are the top lighting trends that are likely to become popular if you are looking for ideas.

Top 15 Outdoor Lighting Trends in 2021

1. Solar-powered Path Lights

Solar LEDs are now popular options for lighting outdoor pathways and patios. The best part is that these lights are easy to install as they don’t require complex wiring. Since solar-powered LEDs do not produce very bright light, they are ideal for accent lighting. Choosing solar-powered lighting fixtures mean you are choosing an eco-friendly and energy-efficient option.

 Solar-powered Path Outdoor Lighting

2. Outdoor Wall Lights

Another trend that you must follow is installing a few siding lights on your outdoor walls. Some of the latest lights come covered in panels. You can paint these panels the same color as the siding. These elegant lights are best for highlighting the landscape and nearby paths.

Outdoor Wall Outdoor Lighting

3. Moroccan-style Lighting

Are you longing for a Moroccan getaway? Create the same beautiful vibe at your home. Since Moroccan style is all about meticulous metalwork, choose classy Moroccan-style lamp options with detailed artwork. Your backyard is a great place to install these pretty lights.

Moroccan-style Outdoor Lighting

4. Smart Security Lights

One of the most popular outdoor lighting trends next year will be smart lights. We all know about security lights that feature motion sensors. However, smart outdoor lighting options are quickly making their way into our living spaces. You can control most of these products through a mobile app or via voice commands. With a wireless setup and scheduling capabilities, smart security lights are the best accessories for your security equipment.

Smart Security Lights

5. LED Path and Step Lights

Generally, these bright lights are short LED arrays or tubes that you can easily install along your garden paths or around steps. Thanks to their longevity and smaller size, these modern lights make an aesthetically-pleasing addition to your outdoor décor.

LED Path and Step Outdoor Lights

6. Traditional Lantern Lights

Lanterns never really disappeared from the lighting industry. Traditional and dreamy lantern lights will continue to be among the top outdoor lighting trends in 2021. Lantern lights are perfect for lighting unique areas of your patio and deck. You can also opt for beautiful globe-like pendant lights for illuminating your garden trees or plants.

Traditional Lantern Outdoor Lighting

7. Waterproof Patio Floor Lamps

Who said floor lamps were only for indoors? Using waterproof outdoor floor lamps for your deck, garden, or patio adds more versatility to your outdoor space. Using a few of these lamps will transform your dull outdoor space to host a group of friends or enjoy some quality me-time.

Waterproof Patio Floor Lamps

8. Traditional Glass Lanterns

Traditional lanterns are another attractive option for your outdoor lighting. While you can commonly string lights stuffed in glass containers and mason jars, nothing grabs attention like a traditional glass lantern. Many outdoor lanterns feature bulbs that look like antique electrical lights from the 1800’s or classic gaslights. Remember to install these lanterns in sheltered areas to protect them from rain or snow.

Traditional Glass Lanterns Lighting

9. Bollard Path Lights

Bollards are among the most contemporary outdoor lighting trends for your garden or yard. These modern lights feature bright LED bulbs, and you can also find solar-powered bollards. Although this lighting trend was more common in commercial outdoor settings, we are sure to see many homeowners incorporating this style to light up their outdoor spaces.

Bollard Path Ourdoor Lights

10. Modern Brass Fixtures

Future outdoor lighting trends are likely to swing back to some favorite classic styles such as copper or brass fixtures. Many modern and contemporary brass lighting fixtures are available that make a great addition to your outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Modern Brass Fixtures

11. Outdoor String Lights

String lights are now a common part of indoor and outdoor décor. However, the latest string lighting options are safer, longer-lasting, and more outdoor-friendly. They help homeowners to light up the specific areas of their outdoor space, such as the poolside.

Outdoor String Lights

12. In-Ground Path Lighting

If you have children or the elderly at home, this option is relatively safe because no one trips over these lights. Furthermore, they are available in a large variety and are best for illuminating your landscape’s particular features.

In-Ground Path Lighting

13. Twinkle String Lights

Don’t consider twinkle string light for seasonal décor only. Hang beautiful string lights with auto sensors around your trees and shrubs to add more depth to your landscaping. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to see the twinkling effect whenever they brush past them, or the breeze blows. You can also find solar-powered variety in these pretty lights.

Home Outdoor Twinkle String Lights

14. Smart Torch Lamps

Floor torch lamps add style and beauty to your outdoor lighting equipment. You can easily find a huge variety of smart torch lamps to control with your phone or devices. Next year, don’t worry about lighting your outdoor the next time you go on a vacation or a trip.

Smart Torch Lamps

15. Spot Lighting

Spotlighting or uplighting is best for illuminating narrow and unique areas of your outdoor spaces. Choose from various moderate to high-intensity beams for highlighting an ornamental feature or beautiful flowers in your garden. Some homeowners install spotlights above or at ground level and below tall trees to make them look more beautiful.

Home Outdoor Spot Lighting

Bottom Line

Enter the new year with style and follow our guide to upgrade your outdoor lighting with these outdoor lighting trends. Experimenting with different lighting options provide you the opportunity to brighten a dark area or create a low ambient glow for grabbing instant attention.

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