Did you know that landscape lighting is one of the most wanted upgrades, according to Houzz?

Outdoor living is a part of the new lifestyle trend. Nowadays, American homeowners like to spend more time outside, which is why it has grown in popularity. Professional landscape lighting has also played a major role in increasing consumer awareness about these lighting trends. People now have a better sense of outdoor décor.

Therefore, they look for trendy and chic landscape lighting ideas to improve the look and ambience of their patio, backyard, and garden. From making the outdoor area look gorgeous to entertaining friends and enjoying magnificent weather, outdoor lighting serves multiple purposes.

If you’re looking to remodel your home, consider updating your outdoor lighting. It will help you extend the living space. In fact, proper illumination will allow you to use the space smartly and can turn the outdoor area into your second dining room.

Here is a breakdown of ten landscape lighting trends to consider when updating your space.

1. Landscape Downlight Lighting

If you have been to Grand Canyon National Park, you must have enjoyed its stunning view. More than six million people visit the park every year. The park’s retro-fitted fixtures beautifully shine downward, elevating the ambiance.

The technique is called “down lighting” and serves two purposes. It preserves the dimness of the sky and provides enough lighting for navigation and safety. If you have an out-of-the-way property, combining the delightful stargazing with landscaping lighting’s functionality is a great idea.

Use down lighting from poles, roofs, or trees to bring in the natural-feeling illumination. It lights the nearby areas effortlessly.

Landscape Downlight Lighting 2022

2. Light the Brick Edging

Don’t want people or outsiders to step on your lawn or garden?

Investing in brick edge lighting is perhaps the best way to keep your pathway and lawn protected. Installing outdoor lights on the brick edging can keep your turf prim and proper.

Even if there is no moonlight, lit brick edging can offer you or your guests a clear way out to the front door. The unique landscape lighting makes every walk down feel like a journey to a foreign destination. This outdoor lighting idea is incredibly easy to implement yet highly functional.

Landscape Light the Brick Edging 2022

3. Light Pathways with Solar Lanterns

Are you looking for environmentally friendly landscaping lighting ideas?

Lighting your pathways with solar lanterns is the newest, hottest trend to save electricity as well as the environment. The beautifully designed solar lanterns help you save energy and decrease your carbon footprint.

The eco-friendly solar lanterns are easy-to-maintain and affordable and reduce electricity bills. However, you need to ensure that the lanterns are installed where they get sufficient sunlight.

Once installed, they save you from using extra light sources at night to illuminate your outdoors.

Light Pathways with Solar Lanterns 2022

4. High-Level Lighting

Pre-strung lights are also a growing trend you will see in many landscapes. Most people prefer using them as they are easy to use and have an immediate impact.

If you like a retro look, vintage lights with traditional filament bulbs create an amazing landscape lighting view. They make high-level lighting and provide a warm, quirky glow.

Pre-strung lights are right on the 2022 trend because they make a savvy option for many homeowners. You can choose between the battery-operated and solar-powered pre-strung lights. That means there is no need to plug them in. The lights are perfect for illuminating the upper portions of the space.

You can also choose outdoor pendant lights that work excellently at corners or over sectionals of the yards. They come with a unique retro flavor, intricate metalwork, and a sense of workmanship to evoke the ambiance.

High-Level Landscape Lighting 2022

5. Smart Landscape Lighting

Smart landscape lighting is one of the cool trends for homeowners looking for improving safety around the house. It offers plenty of benefits, such as brightness and zone control.
Changing light colors is the most fun feature you can get with this landscape lighting idea. You can customize the light colors through an app on the phone. Here are a few possibilities to make an impact with smart outdoor lighting:

  • Sporting events
  • Holidays
  • Parties
Smart Landscape Lighting 2022

6. Tabletop Lighting

How about lighting the landscape with some mid-level tabletop lighting?

You will surely love gazing into the colorful lanterns, tabletop lights, or tiered candles. You can get the tabletop lights with either faux flames or batteries. The candle lights stay lit even in the evening breeze. They make your outdoor décor look more sophisticated, adding a hint of nautical, whimsy, and tropical detail to the space.

Propane-fueled tabletop lighting is all the rage this season. You will see many outdoor entertainers buying them to get a fiery, warm glow without any smoke. In fact, many urban neighborhoods have already embraced the trend. The flicker of the outdoor flame makes everything look fantastic.

Landscape Tabletop Lighting 2022

7. Lit Flower Planters

Illuminated planters are the new way to light landscaping. Impress your guests with the stunning look of different color lighting installed in the planters. Add a unique oomph to the space with these illuminated planters along the pool area, front yard, or lawn.

Lit Flower Planters 2022

8. Staircase Lighting

Do you have a staircase outside? You can add to its functionality by strategically placing the lamps on every step. The LED light strip can do the job. It can improve the landscape lighting while making the staircase safer.

Landscape Staircase Lighting 2022

9. Lawn Bollard

If you want to illuminate the boundary lines and walkways of the property perfectly, use lawn Bollards from walls to fence posts. It is a fantastic way to make the most of your landscape lighting. They give off a contemporary, modern vibe.

Lawn Bollard 2022

10. Stylish Sconces

Stylish sconces are another fantastic landscape lighting trend flooding the market, with copper and brass being the most sought-after finishes. The outdoor-indoor scones create a traditional yet fun mood.

Landscape Stylish Sconces 2022

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