The outdoor lighting market has seen many innovations in recent years. Lighting fixtures have become more durable and energy efficient, and there is a wide range of options and designs for achieving beautiful yet functional lighting to improve the security, value, and aesthetics of buildings, giving customers lots of new landscape lighting ideas.

What’s new in outdoor lighting? Read our article to learn about the top 9 landscape lighting trends 2023 will bring.

Table of Contents:

1. Outdoor Wall Lights

Wall lights are a popular trend in outdoor lighting, as they are easy to install and can be painted to match the style of the property. As well as increasing safety at night, well-placed wall lights can enhance the unique architectural features of your building. They create an inviting environment and add a touch of drama to the night scene while making a simple, plain wall more attractive.

Outdoor Wall Lights

2. Smart Security Lighting

In 2023, smart security lighting systems will become increasingly popular as homeowners look for ways to increase the security of their property. Smart systems have features like motion sensors and scheduled lighting that you can control via a mobile app or voice commands. These features are invaluable when you’re away from home to deter intruders, and they also help save on energy costs!

3. Creative Spot Lights

In landscape lighting, spot lights are used for emphasis. As opposed to floodlights, which project light over a wide area, they work best to illuminate the unique architectural features of your building and to draw attention to the surrounding plants and trees. They are a great solution to create a beautiful and welcoming outdoor environment, adding interest to your space.

4. Functional Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting is used to illuminate areas where you need to navigate safely at night, but they also help to enhance your outdoor spaces and add a nice finishing touch to your landscape lighting design. They come in many elegant shapes, and they are easy to install if you opt for solar-powered LEDs. Whether it’s post lights, step lights, or outdoor sconces, illuminating your pathway is a step you cannot skip when planning your outdoor lighting in 2023!

Functional Pathway Lighting

5. Stylish String Lights

Decorating with string lights is a popular outdoor lighting trend that is here to stay in 2023. You can drape them over your balconies and fences, columns, and trees, use them to highlight borders and edges, or as a stylish addition to your patio. What’s great about string lights is that they’re not complicated to install, especially if you choose a solar or battery-powered version. Even though they are not meant as functional lighting, they’re an effortless and inexpensive way to create an inviting and cozy space.

6. Elegant Glass Lanterns

Glass lanterns are making a comeback as more and more homeowners look for lighting options that add a vintage feel to their properties. They are well suited to older buildings or if you want to add a timeless and elegant touch and an alluring warm glow to your outdoor spaces. But glass lanterns are not just decorative; they are used to illuminate particular areas on the patio and decks, and may come with motion sensors and use solar-powered LEDs.

7. Ambient Downlights

Downlighting is a technique where lights are mounted on walls, ceilings, or trees to create a downward illumination, highlighting the ground-level features of your property. In contrast to uplighting (where the lights face upwards), these are used less for security and more to create a welcoming, warm feel and to accentuate your house’s exterior layers and textures. In your overall landscape lighting design, you will likely use both downlighting and uplighting, depending on the function of the areas you want to illuminate.

Ambient Downlights

8. Sustainable Lighting

More and more homeowners are looking for lighting solutions that are kinder to the planet and their wallets. LED lights are popular for a good reason, as they are the most sustainable and energy-efficient option on the market. Although they may seem like a costly investment initially, they help save on energy bills and are more durable than halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs, which will be banned in the US in 2023 .

LEDs are here to stay and will be the future of lighting. When used in smart lighting systems and solar-powered lights, they can significantly reduce your energy use throughout the year.

9. Subtle Landscape Lighting

In 2023, flashy lighting will no longer be acceptable. Understandably, no one wants to disturb visitors with unpleasant glare and strong lights, whether for commercial or residential lighting. As customers become familiar with landscape lighting trends, they will give more thought to designing something welcoming and beautiful while enhancing building security. With the help of professionals, customers will take the time to plan subtle lighting designs that are both decorative and functional.

Subtle Landscape Lighting

Summing Up

The most important 2023 outdoor lighting trends will focus on function and aesthetics, as well as reducing energy use and costs. LED lights, solar lighting, and smart lighting systems, combined with creative solutions such as string lights, wall lights, and downlights, can help you achieve unique, welcoming outdoor lighting for your property in 2023 and beyond.

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