Lighting is one of the key features to add to the décor of your house or any other commercial/residential space. It is a central aspect of designing your home, which can easily change its overall atmosphere and ambiance. Notably, lighting enhances the décor of every part of your house, especially the exterior, in a unique way depending on your architectural preferences.

Whether it is your landscape, deck, or back patio, the right lighting can augment the aesthetics of the place. Today, many lighting fixtures come with advanced features, thanks to the constantly changing technology. However, lighting décor preferences can vary from person to person depending upon their taste and theme.

Below are some of the most popular lighting ideas. Keep in mind that they are contemporary architectural lighting trends of 2021. So, let’s first discuss the importance of architectural lighting and how it enhances the décor while providing functionality at the same time.

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Value of Architectural Lighting

Modern lighting trends are a fusion of art décor and technology. Hence, the changes in technology and art trends are playing a significant role in determining the features, usability, and functions of different types of lighting methods.

On the other hand, architectural lighting offers much more than standard lighting fixtures. They play a functional role in integrating with the infrastructure and architecture of a space to improve aesthetics while improving the living/working style. The lighting trends for traditional and contemporary houses and commercial spaces are the perfect blend of functionality, innovation, and aesthetics. Plus, they exude sophistication and elegance.

Architectural lighting trends of 2021 provide a cohesive spatial experience, enhancing emotional connection within space. Not to mention, the architecture and lighting fixtures play an important role in determining the mood and experience. They can infuse life in an otherwise dull backyard or a boring workplace. So, let us discuss the top 7 architectural trends of 2021 that you can incorporate in your residential or commercial space.

1. Linear Lighting

Linear lighting has emerged as one of the top trends this year. Linear architectural lighting methods feature straight and sharp light strips that illuminate the space.

Whether it’s an office or your back patio, linear lighting illuminates multiple contours of an architectural space. Apart from the general lighting effect, linear lighting highlights the sharp and edgy architectural formats in your landscape.

No matter if you choose recessed, suspended, or surface-mounted lights, they create a beautiful ambiance and better functionality than ordinary lighting methods.

Architectural Linear Lighting Trends

2. Solar LED Path Lights

LEDs offer durability, energy efficiency, versatility, and of course, illumination features. While LEDs have always been more cost-efficient than standard light bulbs and fluorescent lighting methods, they are becoming a top trend in architectural lighting features.

From patios to pathways, Solar LEDs are the next step in green energy. You can set LED path lights to illuminate the front walkway to your house. It will provide security in dark areas around your exterior. In fact, it can add depth and a glowing ambiance to the landscape of your house.

Architectural Solar LED Path Lighting Trends

3. Security Lights

Security is a key priority for residential and commercial spaces. The latest technological developments ensure better safety, higher security, and greater flexibility in architectural design with modern features. Smart security lights are playing a significant role as well.

You can control smart security lights in your home with a single touch. Mobile phones, tablets, and many other smart devices are compatible with and help operate/control security lights.

They offer motion sensors and voice command compatibility to improve use and accessibility. By controlling the smart security lights in your home, you can benefit from enhanced security and better lighting effects of your choice.

Architectural Security Lights Trends

4. String Lights

Did you ever consider choosing string lights that twinkle in the dark? Well, they are not only a seasonal décor but making their way to the top architectural lighting trends. Forget about the expensive garden or landscape lighting that requires your time, energy, and effort. String lights offer amazing qualities.

As twinkling string lights are highly versatile, you can incorporate them in your garden or any other landscape area. They are significantly effective in enhancing the depth of the view while providing mesmerizing aesthetics. Depending on the level of quality they offer, LED string lights are both economical and energy-efficient.

Architectural String Lights Trends

5. Waterproof Floor Lamps

Forget about placing floor lamps in your house; now, you can make them part of your out-of-house gatherings. Whether it’s your deck, patio, or sunroom, floor lamps can become an ideal solution to your lighting needs.

Moreover, floor lamps are also interesting entrance and walkway lighting features. You can place waterproof floor lamps on the back or front walkways to your house. They are versatile and can transform any dull space into a lively area.

Architectural Waterproof Floor Lamps Trends

6. Path Lighting (In-Ground)

Have you ever seen how beautiful path lighting (in-ground) looks? Well, in-ground path lighting is a helpful and aesthetically pleasing architectural lighting idea. In addition, with children and older people moving around the house or commercial space, you can rest assured that the risks of tripping and falling over in the dark are less with these in-ground path lighting fixtures. That is what makes this one of the top 7 architectural lighting trends of 2021.

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Architectural Path Lighting (In-Ground)

7. Spot Lighting

Did you recently install a fountain in your garden? Did you add beautiful ornaments to the trees or perhaps, the swimming pool of your house? Spotlights can help make a difference in the level of décor in your residential or commercial space.

Spotlighting illuminates specific parts like no other lighting method. Highlighting ornaments or décor features is highly convenient with spot lighting. Additionally, they are relatively cheaper in comparison to expensive in-design architectural lighting trends. So, sit back and enjoy while the spot lighting architectural fixtures add to the noteworthy features of your house design.

Architectural Spot Lighting Trends


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