Exterior or outdoor lighting is as important as interior lighting. You must opt for lighting solutions that create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and are functional as well. At the same time, the lighting should improve the curb appeal and safety of your home. Note that the lighting may have a significant impact on the overall look of your patio and garden. That is why paying attention to the type of lighting and its location is necessary.

Today, there are plenty of lighting ideas that can be fun and functioning at the same time. All you need is to find the one that is suitable for your outdoor space. For instance, if you want an illuminated and radiant space, choose strong lighting fixtures. Similarly, small lanterns and solar lights are an excellent option to achieve a subtle and soft atmosphere.

Some innovative DIY lights can spice up the entire space of your patio and yard. That is to say, choosing the right type of lighting for your outdoor can upgrade the whole atmosphere. Explore your options on renowned architectural lighting solutions such as Hevi Lite to get the best outdoor lighting.

Explore The Outdoor Lighting Options:

Outdoor Lighting Overview

As mentioned above, outdoor lighting has become a raging trend to create a warm and soft exterior glow. From increasing the curb appeal of your home to improving security, outdoor lighting can be multi-purpose. The ambient lighting of the gorgeous pendant, for instance, creates a romantic atmosphere in your yard. But, if you go for the modern post lights, they can guide your way via the backyard.

Thus, outdoor lighting integrates with the important sites of your building and creates an inspiring space. While there is no rule for mounting or hanging specific lighting fixtures outdoor, learning about the placing, sizes, and outdoor lighting types can help you pick the best one.

Different Types of Outdoor Lighting and How to Use Them

Decorative Outdoor Lighting

If you’re looking for a lighting solution that combines aesthetics and functionality, decorative outdoor lighting is the right choice. Remember that this lighting is not just for evening or night soirees. The technological advances in lighting material have improved the looks of even plain porch lanterns and string lights.

You can also opt for unique wall sconces and outdoor pendants as they are not the same old boring lamps anymore. They can add style to your exterior while providing safety for your dwelling. On the other hand, overhead lighting is one of the go-to’s in many homes for soft ambient lighting.

Modern Ceiling and pendant lights also come in a more attractive and decorative look, ranging from conventional to ultra-modern. Regardless of the pendant style you choose, it surely suits your outdoor space. You may also find several damp-rated options perfect for covered patios and Porte-cochere to hang from tree branches.

Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Wall scones are one of the most sought-after outdoor lighting types. The modern wall lights beautifully flank your entryways and easy-to-install anywhere on the wall. The slew of options, including directed and ambient lights, is another prominent feature of outdoor wall lighting. That means the types allow you to blend in radiance to your house’s exterior.

Resistance to heavy weather is an important feature to consider when choosing outdoor wall lights. However, if you reside in n areas that experience harsh weather conditions, consider buying marine-grade finishes. The type of outdoor wall-lighting can withstand heavy UV and moisture.

Beyond the aesthetics, a wall sconce can become your porch light and wash walls in downlight and uplight with a highlighting effect. The highlights are great to enhance your home’s look and safety if you install them around the home’s perimeter.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting

Of course, some parts of your home require additional security in terms of outdoor lighting. You may consider the options like landscape lighting, solar lighting, flood, and recessed lighting. You can install them in deck areas, driveways, stairways, and garages, depending on how much they need to be lit.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Landscape Lighting

One of the most technical outdoor lighting solutions requires careful selection, planning, placement, or installation. It is better to seek the help of professional services to install landscape lighting. The type includes;

  • Well, and Recessed ground Lights – These are sunk into the driveway, patio, and deck to provide a modern and stylish look. Use them to secure the perimeter and to highlight trees and plants from ground level.
  • Patio Lights – To illuminate pathways, you can use patio lights. They can light the line to driveways and meandering trails of your backyard.
Landscape Lighting

Modern Portable Lighting

As the title suggests, portable lighting refers to tables and floor lamps you can carry from place to place. Though it is less permanent, it is a popular yard lighting solution. Most of them are wireless portables.

Modern Portable Lighting

Great Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Environment with Hevi Lite Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Hevi Lite is a one-stop service to find the best lighting fixtures for all your outdoor spaces. We specialize in designing and creating architectural and landscaping lighting to illuminate the outdoor the way you want. Our lighting solutions, such as accent lights, floodlights, or pendant lights, provide better vision in the dark and enhance security.

Pendant lights, for instance, can add a beautiful accent during nighttime and dusk while letting you upgrade the garden areas, lawn, and backyard. The elegant feel and chic look is another feature of pendant lights that creates a whimsical and cohesive sense.

If you want to give your dull and plain wall a radiant appeal, go for our wall and surface lights. At Hevi Lite, we offer a variety of wall lights to make your walls ambient and dramatic. Signpost and step lights are some more must-have lighting solutions for your outdoor to draw attention and improve your home’s safety.

Whether you want ambient lighting to improve the focal surface or need fixtures to light up the landscape softly, we have something for everyone.

Contact Hevi Lite today at 818-341-8091 or drop us a message here to explore more about the outdoor lightings.