Want to make your commercial building attractive? The proper outdoor lighting can help achieve optimum functioning and create a task-centric environment. Although commercial lighting may be expensive, it can last for a longer time.

In other words, it may be a time-costly investment. However, it is durable and can save energy if you apply it with proper settings. You can also coordinate with mechanical and electrical design consultants to find the perfect combination of lighting for your commercial business.

There have been studies that suggest that lighting adds an aesthetic look to your commercial buildings. Here is how you can outshine and beat the competition in the market. The following steps will allow you to improve the aesthetics and attract more customers to your business. You can adopt some strategies and make improvements to your commercial building.

Table of Contents:

Light Up Your Building with a Unique Design

Designing your building with an unique approach is essential to make it more functional and create a good impression. There are certain elements you need to consider, like architectural elements. Lighting on ceilings, floors, walls, outdoor ways, etc., instantly draws attention. You can light up your building with modern style lighting with the help of the best commercial lighting company. Here is how you can strategically and uniquely illuminate your commercial space.

  • 1. Built-in Lighting

    It looks best on the walls of buildings and has an appealing effect. The lights reflect on the material where it gets fixed and get wholly integrated into the ambiance. You can choose the length and width of the lights as per your requirements.

  • 2. Linear Lights

    Linear lights are another excellent option, and they highlight the length of your space where you install them. Besides, you can use them to light up your commercial building completely or a specific area with transversal management.

  • 3. Light Streaks

    These are the lights hidden from sight and highlight and enhance the landscape elements.

  • 4. Bright Spots

    You can install these lights in accent walls, ceilings, and floors to illuminate your space entirely. They come in stainless material and can withstand weather conditions in the exterior part of your building.

  • 5. Brick Lights

    They are luminous constructive elements that fit into the wall and look like a traditional brick. You can install them in the middle or corner of a structure. In addition, you can place them on curved walls. The light bricks are the perfect pathway lighting solution for your commercial building that looks amazing at nighttime.

Light Up Your Building with a Unique Design

Brighten Your Landscape

Commercial landscaping incorporates designing, planning, installation, and maintenance of aesthetically inviting outdoor space. The beautiful outdoor atmosphere can increase your commercial productivity, grab attention, and attract more potential clients. The fresh outdoor atmosphere also has a positive impact on health.

You can make your commercial landscaping attractive by incorporating lighting correctly, so the location stands out in the competition. It is essential to determine whether to illuminate the whole space or highlight a specific part by lighting. The right choice of light fixtures and correct placement can make your building stand out.

a. Illuminate Your Trees

If you have big trees in your outdoor space, add a spotlight to the tree trunks. You can use one or more spotlights and place them upwards into the foliage. It adds sophistication and illuminates the tree trunk and branches.

In addition, you can place an accent light at the base of the tree where branches begin. It will illuminate the trunk. You can also install more than one accent light. Make sure to install each fixture, keeping a gap of a foot at least.

Moreover, you can use bulbs that have a wide beam spread. If you combine several beam spreads, it will light up the whole tree. Besides, LED lights are one of the best exterior lights and are also more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs. They can also last for a more extended period.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Illuminate Your Trees

b. Highlight Your Pathways

Highlighting pathways is another important factor; you can add stagger lights on both sides of the way and make a balance to ensure adequate lighting. In addition, you can also set lighting a bit back from pathways to light the paths. It will also reflect the landscaping.

Make sure to install high-quality lights because poor lights can create a harsh impact on the eyes. Besides, adding lamps with a gap of 10 to 15 feet will also be a good choice for your commercial space. It can illuminate your pathway fully and add a gentle glow downward without any distracting glare.

Additionally, an in-ground light is also a good option. It comes in a circle shape fixture that you can install into the ground.

Architectural Outdoor Path Lights

c. Brighten Your Pool

It would help if you also brightened up your pool correctly to add an aesthetic glow to your space. You can install pool deck lighting or moonlighting. In addition, tiki torches also look beautiful. The most common pool light types are incandescent, halogen light, and LED. Incandescent lights have a traditional style and light bulbs similar to standard bulbs. However, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs are the most used bulb.

Outdoor Lighting Brighten Your Pool

Use the Right Lighting Elements

It may not be easy to make a proper commercial design that increases positive business growth. Commercial Lighting helps create the first impression of your business, and it affects your emotions, mood, productivity, and decision-making process. So, you need to pay great attention to the lighting elements, considering the following factors.

a. Smart Lighting

Many commercial buildings have now upgraded to smart lighting. The typical lights include motion sensors and floodlights. New and advanced technology has enabled you to set your preferred lighting themes and enhance the accuracy level. Moreover, you can track activities by using light fixtures with implanted sensors.

Commercial Outdoor Smart Lighting

b. Focus Compliance and Energy Consumption

It is essential to keep energy consumption in check to maintain the overall functionality of your business. Many commercial buildings have now installed LED lighting. It can help minimize maintenance costs, save energy, and improve light quality.

Commercial Outdoor Focus Compliance and Energy Consumption Lighting

c. Outdoor Lighting for Safety

Outdoor lighting is also essential because most commercial buildings are open during the evening and nighttime. Mainly, these lights play a significant role for businesses, such as dealerships and shopping centers.

You can consider the following elements for the best outdoor lighting scheme:

  • Focus on floodlighting and high-intensity lighting to increase security.
  • You can also install pole-mounted lights strategically.
  • Install wall lights to enlighten staircases, hallways, recessed areas, and pathways.
  • Landscape lighting can add elegance.
Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Safety and Mood

Use Correct Lighting Colorations

Implementing the ideal lighting coloration is the most critical factor. Commercial outdoor lighting affects the overall ambiance and enhances the motivation and physical comfort of workers as well as clients. Choosing the right light colors and general lighting design will enhance the overall appeal, increase productivity, and improve safety and stimulation. Different areas in your commercial building exterior and interior require various layers and levels of light.

Lighting offers commercial buildings the visual appeal with high energy solutions and a positive, eco-friendly impact. You can consider several factors while planning lighting for your retail space. Focus on all aspects, including daylight integration, system efficiency, lumen maintenance, flexibility, and cost.

Most light colors combine well with high-intensity colors, like with contrast to black. Some dark colors may also have low intensity. Light color objects are more likely to reflect the light. For instance, white light that combines with green, blue, and red, etc.

The yellow color light usually increases the sense of optimism, and it can be the best choice for high-energy, creative spaces. Red color lights typically boost heart rate and make your brain active. A green color light can boost creativity and enhance harmony.

I. Consider Color Illumination

All light sources are different. When you combine two lights, they may reflect distantly. The combination of two color lights for your space needs to measure the two units correctly. It would help if you considered color properties like ‘correlated color temperature.’ Make sure your building has a balance of color.

II. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

CCT defines the coolness and warmth of lighting. When you fix metal over a lighting fixture, the color tends to change. The color temperature is how yellow or blue the color of light produced from a light bulb looks. It does not relate to actual heat, but it has an association with color level. White light typically falls into three color temperatures, including neutral, warm, and relaxed.

Cool light affects higher contrast than warm light and increases the visual appeal. Warm color gratifies skin tones and works well in commercial spaces. Warm light usually makes the area look smaller and comfortable. While light with a more excellent effect makes the place look more spacious.

III. Focus on Light Layering

Only focusing on installing effective layering is not only enough; you need to see if the lights are causing eye strain, fatigue, and waste of energy. Layering light correctly and using the proper contrast lighting will give your space visual interest, dimension, and depth.

Four essential layers of lighting include:

  • Accent lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • Task lighting
  • General lighting (ambient light)

You can combine the four layers of lighting to produce a comfortable exterior environment. Make sure to select a simple lighting design. You can create the best balance of light by pairing lights with CCT and CRI sources. The correct layering will create good stimulation to the space. Also, you can add dimming controls to minimize energy costs to adjust the light intensity. Make sure to use wide-ranging and high-quality lights that are environmentally friendly for commercial space.

IV. Select Color Temperature

The light source can either be warm or cool. White light comes with three categories, including neutral, friendly, and remarkable effect. Color temperature does not sufficiently define the heat from the lamp, but it is color level. When the temperature is low, it denotes a warm temperature. When Kelvin temperatures get higher, it defines cool temperature.

Besides, cool light often has higher contrast, whereas warm light has lower contrast and an excellent visual appeal. Warm lighting is more comfortable and creates a good illusion of space in commercial buildings.

V. Consider Bulb Sizes

There are several sizes of bulbs that you can choose from, and you can select the correct size according to your space requirements. Commercial buildings’ exteriors are usually large, so you need to add large bulbs. But it also depends on other elements like whether you want to illuminate a specific part or whole area. Big bulbs do not look good in small spaces. Similarly, a big area with small bulbs may show poor lighting and make the space look dull.

Add Lights to Walls and Benches

If your commercial buildings have structural walls to prevent street noise, you can add lights to them too. You can install spotlights to statues, trees, and other elements, and adding soft lights on walls will make the exterior more attractive. Besides, lighting under benches and seating adds a subtle touch to your space. It can create a welcoming glow and also ensure safety.

Use High-Quality Material

Whether it is a pool, tree, or landscape lighting, make sure to use quality material. Low-quality material tends to rust earlier and will hurt the overall appeal. The commercial lighting fixtures with a long lifespan and high-quality material may include brass, fabric, acrylic, glass, and aluminum. These materials are durable and also have contemporary lighting designs.

The sunlight may fade the color of the lighting metal and other features. Although it may be costly to incorporate high-quality lighting material yet, it can last for years, and it will save you from many problems.

Besides, what you can do is replace your bulky lights with small fixtures and compact ones. You can prefer to use recessed and track lights. Focus on incorporating vertical lighting paths and use natural light fixtures.

Final Thoughts

All the ways mentioned above will add an artistic appeal and professional look to your commercial building. Lighting is equally essential for walk-in customers and from another business point of view as well. So, make your building outshine your neighbors by using the above valuable tips. Whether you need outdoor lights, pathway lights, pool lights, or other fixtures for your commercial building, we have you covered. You can check our collection and choose the best lights for your commercial property.