When the day enters dusky evening and then turns into night, carefully installed lighting provides a warm and glowy ambiance. Whether you install it in your backyard or pathway, outdoor lighting provides a safety function as much as it does an aesthetic function.

Like indoor lighting, its outdoor counterpart also comprises beautiful table fixtures, overhead, accent lights, and wall bulbs. You can use lamps as vintage lanterns or hurricane lights to make the space more ambient.

If you find choosing outdoor lighting overwhelming, this guide can help you pick the right type and style for your yard. Don’t forget to look over a few tips to light up your pathway, entries, and yard to rock your outdoor lighting game.

Explore The Outdoor Lighting Options:

Some Lighting Upgrades You Can Do

As mentioned above, lighting, particularly the ones you use for outdoor space, is all about function and form. When it comes to upgrading outdoor lighting, your choice must complement the space and style. It is essential to pay attention to the placement as it serves a real purpose.

Keep in mind that light fixtures on your front porch make a fantastic first impression. You can add character to ample outdoor space, front doors, and covered porches with wall lights. When they light up, the beautiful lights improve curb appeal and enhance safety to the front yard.

Moreover, outdoor lighting like dramatic scones adds contrast to any neutral and dull exterior. They make an ideal choice for entries and gates. We say this because porches and covered patios are the families’ favorite spots to enjoy fair weather and spend quality time.

Whether you set the space with a table or decorate a seating area for lazy days, you need complementary lighting to illuminate the space.

Homeowners love placing accent lights from Hevi Lite over conversation zones to make an ambiance.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

These landscape lighting ideas are great for bringing a unique element to a lighting design. Improving the overall home exterior, these lighting ideas boost nighttime safety, uplift curb appeal, and perhaps elicit oohs and ahhs from your neighbors.

Check out these fantastic outdoor Lighting ideas to sparkle almost any area of your home.

Path Lighting

You can install the lights along the main walkway to enhance nighttime visibility and safety.

Outdoor lighting performs double duties in the landscape lighting pattern when you use it correctly. Use them for landscape borders, garden beds, and walking paths. This is one way to add dimension to the front yard and brighten up the sections your guests use for entering your home.

Path lights, designed by Hevi lights, make a statement and leave a lasting impact on your guests.

Path Lighting

Flood Lighting

Looking for outdoor lighting that can accentuate an enviable landscape?

Floodlights can seamlessly reduce the appearance of shadows. If you want to show off the trees in your garden, a floodlight or spotlight can create a silhouette. In fact, the object and elements in front of the walls can get a shadowing effect with floodlighting. It projects the shadow of things from affecting the façade of the home.

A spotlight can also uplift a shrub or single tree if it is freestanding foliage. It not only looks spectacular but also makes an ideal focal point. Plus, outdoor lights save more than 80 percent on power costs. Hevi Lite designs quality outdoor floodlights to help illuminate activities and main events in the yard.

Flood Lighting

Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are remarkable to take the landscape lighting scheme to the next level. With its unique sculptural elements, the outdoor lighting adds character and architectural interest to any yard. If you want a heftier version of outdoor lighting, there is nothing better than a bollard light.

While the light looks gorgeous in public spaces and wide-open areas, it serves the same purpose with an architectural element, especially in minimalist landscapes.

Bollard Lighting

Wall Lights

There is no better way to add depth to a simple and blank wall than illuminating it with wall lights. The simple wall lights also create depth in your landscape lighting pattern. It would help if you used multiple wall lights to create an illuminated effect that highlights the natural complexities and texture of the façade.

Want a wall wash effect?
Add floodlights with wall lights to make the space more ambient, particularly for outdoor activities. Whether your garden is more like a jungle-grade terrain or minimal lawn, the extra layers of exterior lighting can step up the aesthetic appeal. It can make your dwelling turn heads on the street.

Wall Lights

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with these Landscape Lighting Tips

If you’re a proud owner of a beautiful yard, you shouldn’t hesitate to show it off. With plenty of exciting landscape lighting options, you can highlight and accentuate bushes, walls, greenery, and other hardscapes like walkways and stone walls.

Here are some easy tips to uplight and showcase the architectural features of your home.

» Design Landscape Lighting Plan

Making a lighting plan for your landscape may seem challenging, but if you consult outdoor lighting pros such as the ones at Hevi Lite, it becomes a lot easier. Our professional lighting experts give you good advice about lighting options after assessing your landscape architect and other features to help you plan out.

Make sure you visit the website to know your options and incorporate them into your lighting plan. Creating a lighting plan is mandatory if you’re planning a new yard. The Hevi Lite experts can guide you on the best choices for stone pathways, tall trees, hedges, and other areas of your design.

» Choose the Right Fixtures

Looking through magazines, catalogs, and websites can help you choose the right outdoor lighting design. It is better to check lights yourself before buying.

At Hevi Lite, we ensure that you invest in the right light fixtures that suit your yard’s architectural features and design. After all, your style preferences matter the most for us.

The last thing anyone wants is a light fixture that looks out of place after it is installed!

» Incorporate These Lights in Your Plan

When making a lighting plan, you must incorporate the basic outdoor lighting types that include accent, tasks, and ambient.

Post lights, hanging, and wall lights are the ambient lights. Deck, pathway, and security lights fall under the task lighting category. You can add spotlights and landscape kits to accent lighting.

» Take a Look at Your Dwelling from Inside

This is an excellent and easy way to decide on the lights you should select and where you can install them. Consider how your gardens, patio spaces, and pathways look from inside. You can see shrubbery or lighting gardens from dining or bedrooms. Take an expanding view outdoor at night.

Think which path lighting will go with the garden areas and use outdoor lighting for an easy and quick style update.

Summing Up

Whether you want to enhance your new home’s backyard or host a summer party in your garden, outdoor lighting can create magic to add a feel to the environment. However, not all lighting options are the same, and you need to choose the right type to add to create the ambiance you want. Thus, the guide includes some great outdoor lighting ideas to uplight your yard.

Get in touch with our outdoor lighting experts at Hevi Lite to get the best advice on choosing the most appropriate fixtures and lighting solutions.