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Dallas, TX Outdoor Lighting

Dallas, Texas, is known for a variety of things. It is in The Lone Star State, where ether is cowboys, horses, and oil wells. It is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and it is where the infamous Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK. One of the most popular TV shows was filmed here, and it’s home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Among all of that are standard homes and lives, people with backyards and front yards that are impeccably landscaped. Beautiful homes align exclusive neighborhoods, and each has outdoor lighting adorning their homes, making them look welcoming to visitors. These are home where parties are attended, swimming pools, and jacuzzi is lit up at night.

Homeowners decorate their outdoor living areas as plush and cozy as they do their dens and living rooms, carrying the hospitality to the outside. With stylish furniture arranged to be purposeful as well as comfortable, by day with the bright Texas sun and by night with elegant and unique outdoor lighting.

Each homeowner decorates with their design and styling; some will use professional services. Either way, they accent their home’s exterior with contemporary outdoor lighting that makes the evenings as calm and quiet as the days are busy.

Dallas Outdoor Lighting

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    Dallas, TX Landscape Lighting

    Outdoor lighting can bring life to an otherwise dark and dull corner of your backyard, adding character to your landscaping. Choose bright and colorful light or go with ambient, muted lighting that leads to peace.

    Adding lighting around the hot tub, jacuzzi, or swimming pool not only gives the area character but provides safety too. In-ground in the grassy area won’t be in the way of playtime or yard work time. Creating your own Dallas style is fun with so many options; your family and guest can be surprised each visit with the different colors of the day.

    Installing in-ground soft colored lighting along your gardens will bring your flowers to life at night, and flush wall lighting above the gardens can highlight the shrubbery. Even and odd lengths of pendant lighting over your outdoor cooking area are purposeful with character and design. A string of outdoor lighting over the counter space makes it easy to cook and guests to fill their plates.

    Create an outdoor conversation pit with cozy furniture and soft hues of dim white lighting for the evening chats after dinner. Place in-ground light along the pathway to the pool and the garage, making the trek safe for everyone.

    Dallas, TX Architectural Lighting

    Give your Dallas backyard a statement with architectural lighting that matches your home. Or make it unique for a different look, the appearance will keep your guests in awe and your neighbors curious. By placing soft lights that are flush to the wall or hung with care around the exterior of your Dallas home, you can create a focal point with a water feature or statue. Adorn the surrounding walls of your backyard deck with unique lighting that expresses your style and tastes. Encase your outdoor kitchen with brightness while grill and lower the lights after dinner, enjoying the peacefulness of your oasis.

    Lighting Fixtures

    1. Best Outdoor Accent Lights in Dallas, TX

    With specially placed accent lighting, you can give your Dallas landscaped lawn a different dimension and look. Light up the water feature or brighten the backyard decking. Add wall mount lighting to the front walls and in-ground lighting to the garden. A well-lit yard can be cozy and provide safety too.

    2. Step Lights in Dallas, TX

    Accenting a front garden is comfortable with a few flush-mounted lights, and with step lighting giving the direction to follow, you’ll put safety in place for family and visitors. Softly illuminate the stair steps and walkways with LED lamping without taking away from the beauty of your Dallas home’s façade.

    3. Flood Lights in Dallas, TX

    A picture-perfect garden should be enjoyed after the sun goes down, and with today’s LED outdoor floodlighting, you can make that happen. Whether you choose a colorful hue or go with a warm white, your Dallas flowerbeds and gardens can be enjoyed at night as much as they are in the sunlight.

    4. Wall & Surface Lights in Dallas, TX

    Once the backyard landscaping is complete around the swimming pool, if there is a plain wall, add dimension to with recessed outdoor wall lighting. It doesn’t have to sit there, lifeless and dull. It can become a part of the landscape and bring a unique style to your Dallas home too.

    5. Path & Area Lights in Dallas, TX

    Your Dallas home should have outdoor landscaping that speaks Texan and matches your personality and style too. With carefully placed lighting in certain areas and along the pathways, you can create a welcoming appearance with style and safety. In-ground lighting is perfect for these areas with a low profile so as not to hide your landscaping.

    6. Sign & Posts Lights in Dallas, TX

    Nothing says “Welcome to My Dallas Home” then post lighting in the front yard. Visitors will find your home quickly and have a lighted path to the door with a charmed and unique style of lighting. Provide a lighted pathway from the curb to the door with an old school post lamp that brings today’s style to any architecture.

    7. Beautiful Pendant Lights in Dallas, TX

    Add a unique style to your outdoor dining with pendant lighting in various lengths. They are purposeful in giving your dining light to see by, but they aren’t obnoxiously blinding either. Outdoor pendant lighting matches any architectural style and décor and will give your backyard a unique look.

    About Dallas, Texas

    Dallas is a modern metropolis with a commercial and cultural base in north Texas. Maybe known as much for JFK’s assassination as they are the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas is a well-known name around the globe. Several museums can be found in the Arts District with the Dallas Museum of Art and the Crow Collection of Asian Art. Contemporary sculpture is located at the Nasher Sculpture Center and is admired for the architecture that dates from the late 19th and early 20th centuries with modernist and postmodernist eras.

    Dallas sits on both sides of the Trinity River and is surrounded by mostly flat land. The western edge of Big D is the Austin Chalk Formation known as the “White Rock Escarpment.” On the southern side of the river are smaller neighborhoods that are like small cities within a city like Oak Cliff, Cedar Hill, Grand Prairie, Irving, and others.