Create a dramatic effect with unique landscape lighting by highlighting walkways, pools, decks, architectural elements, gathering spaces and more.

Create Landscape Lighting You Love

Create an elegant atmosphere in your backyard and illuminate your walkway with our huge selection of landscape path lighting by Hevi Lite. With well-placed Landscape light fixtures, you can create a dramatic touch with intriguing shadows. Or highlight your favorite best plants, add underwater lighting to your water features, or add contemporary light fixtures to the gardens.

Keep focused on the essential details of your landscape with design ideas that incorporate different Landscape Lighting. Using recessed lighting is a creative design idea that illuminates a safe path across the lawn and around the deck or pool. Too often not appreciated are Path & Deck Lights and what they bring to a backyard landscape.

Hevi Lite is proud to design and manufacture landscape lighting with the best collection of modern landscape light fixtures in California and shipped across the globe.

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Where Can You Get the Most from Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

Outdoor landscape lighting styles today are unobtrusive. They have discreet designs that provide illumination while keeping the attention on your landscaping. As you create your design ideas, the use of contemporary and modern landscape lighting fixtures can bring your backyard, front yard, or gardening areas to life.

Positioning landscaping lighting inside the bushes and shrubs, or behind rock formations will create a focus that highlights a tall tree. Or position your landscape lighting to bring a textured wall to the forefront. Using glare-free downlighting on a deck or pathway is a decorative way to combine safety and styling.

A backyard pond with underwater lights creates a comfortable setting, while in-ground lights bring a level of elegance to the landscape. Bollard lights or landscape path lighting fixtures placed anywhere within your yard will provide extra illumination, providing a safe direction down a path. Landscaping can be dressed up or quietened down with the right outdoor light fixtures.

Unlimited Designs and Styles in Landscape Lighting

For a traditional backyard style or a contemporary style backyard with the latest, ultra-modern outdoor furnishings, landscape lighting can be the piece that completes the look. Choose from a wide assortment of landscape lighting fixtures available today that will fit your design and style. Choose a bollard lighting fixture or recessed wall lights along a walled stairway that can lend safety and plan for contemporary landscaping.

There is a solution to choose from for landscape lighting designs in various styles. Go with a traditional landscape, and there is a corresponding landscape light style to match. For contemporary landscaping, choose a view to blend or match perfectly, or give an offset focus. No matter the landscaping lighting fixtures you want, go with an energy-efficient style that is budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and low maintenance too.

How to Select the Best Landscape Lighting Fixtures

When choosing a landscape lighting fixture that fits your specific landscape design, the styles are almost unlimited. Mix and match, the shapes and styles, you can go forever with landscape lighting, using these tips:

1. The Landscape Lighting Type

Your application will determine which option of design and style to choose. Bollard lighting or in-ground lights, pathway lights, or spotlights, maybe floodlights, would be the better choice for bushes and shrubbery—Plan where you are going to place your landscape lighting fixtures and how. For example, a different type of lighting to create a silhouette of a tree on a wall, or if you want a tree to stand out, up-lighting would be the better choice.

2. The Right Voltage

With different voltage in landscaping lights, it is crucial to choose the right one as you create your style. The application of the lighting will determine if you need 12 volts or 120 volts and consider the other landscaping lighting, making sure you select the right voltage.

3. A Color Palette to Complement

Landscape lighting fixtures come in different colors and finishes today that will complement any design. Pair any of the metallic finishes with any color to create a modern tone or maintain an understated look with black or white finishes for a minimalist styling.

4. The Importance of UL Listing

The UL rating of landscape lighting fixtures is essential when choosing the light for a specific location. Not all outdoor lighting is suitable for damp areas or wet areas. Be careful in selecting the right UL rating for your swimming pool versus the lighted stairway or walking pathway.

5. Dark-Sky Compliant

Some cities have dark-sky compliance codes for outdoor lighting fixtures. Know the regulations where you live so that you choose the accessories that are rated correctly for dark-sky compliant. The purpose behind this design is to minimize the glow being emitted by shielding the glare.

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Other Factors to Consider

Decorative outdoor lighting should have a scheme that expresses the owner’s design style. The exterior walls of your home to the post-mounted lighting fixtures around the fencing, they each are a part of what completes the look and makes it uniquely yours.

To have the most functionality from your landscape lighting that matches your home’s exterior, selecting the right color and finish is essential as well as the type of light—installing the proper lighting that aids in grilling those burgers without blinding those sitting nearby. The choices that are available today can feature the grill while complementing the landscaping and surrounding outdoor area.

Creating a design style for a backyard oasis will make this something you’ll enjoy for years to come. Adding the right amount and form of outdoor furniture with stylish outdoor lighting that draws attention to the lounge chair or sofa without making those areas a spotlight feature is essential. Your seating should be comfortable with an open view of the yard. If you have any questions about landscape lighting, please call our lighting experts at (818) 341-8091.