Outdoor lighting can transform your exterior from subtle, to grand and dramatic. Finish your outdoor space with modern, precision lighting fixtures that last the test of time.

What There is to Love About Outdoor Lighting

If you’re looking for an easy and fast way to give your outdoor oasis a fresh look, installing some modern outdoor lights is the way to do it. The variety of outdoor light fixtures is diversified today. You can give the entryway, the garden pathways, your patio, and stair an ambient glow or brighten them up like the stars at night. With the different designs and styles today, it isn’t hard to see why we love outdoor lighting. The ideas are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Hevi Lite is proud to design and manufacture outdoor lights with the best collection of modern outdoor lighting fixtures in California and shipped across the globe. Contemporary outdoor light fixtures made an excellent addition to any area where you need extra illumination.

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The Best Place for Your Outdoor Lights

A variety of outdoor lights in designs and styles can take your outdoor space to another level and provide a functional purpose too. Highlight with bright and directional outdoor light fixtures or go with ambient, soft glowing outdoor lights in high-traffic areas based on the appearance of the space.

Outdoor lighting allows you to be versatile with the contemporary styles of today. Combine your outdoor lights with a ceiling fan and cool the patio on a warm summer night as you’re cooking out and swimming. The ambient lighting makes or a great place to dry off while waiting for your burger!
The only limit to the way you design your outdoor area and placing your outdoor lighting is your imagination. The designs and styles are multiple, and they can be combined to match or coordinate, whatever your vision has, you can bring to life.

Certain outdoor light fixtures work better in some locations and others that are better for indoor use. Whether you are illuminating around the pool or lighting up the stairway to the entrance of your home, the various outdoor light fixtures will allow you to create a style that is all yours. This type of creative design is one of the biggest reasons why we love outdoor lighting

Purchase multiple outdoor lights of the same design and style, the space them along the fencing around your pool. Choose an outdoor chandelier to give your patio a distinct design and feel and bring your deck and gazebo to a new level of elegance with the best collection of patio lights by Hevi Lite.

Create Outdoor Lighting Designs That You Can’t Help But Love

Your outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive for you to fall in love with the final look. Create an outdoor space with your outdoor lights using one, two, or several of the same outdoor light fixtures, or choose the one you like and use it through your design plan.

With access to a world of various outdoor lighting on the market today, it is easy to know why we fall in love with decorating the outdoor areas with different outdoor light fixtures. Choose flush-mount or recessed outdoor lights around the garden walking path and pendant outdoor lights on the gazebo. Create a design that stair steps in length with outdoor pendant lighting, then place an outdoor chandelier in the center.

Transform your residential or commercial outdoor space with the best Outdoor Lighting by Hevi Lite. Contact today by calling direct our lighting experts at (818) 341-8091.

Shapes, Sizes, Styles and UL Listings for Outdoor Lighting

When you begin to choose the outdoor light fixtures for your home, consider where you’re placing it to choose the right shape, style, and size. Make sure the UL rating is proper for the area, especially when in a water prone area like the swimming pool.

1. Where Should Your Outdoor Lighting Be Placed?

Determine what areas you want to light up and how bright you want the light before you buy any outdoor lighting. This detail will help you in determining which of the many outdoor light fixtures are right for you and your design plan. Do you need to brighten a dark area around the back yard or driveway? Is your front porch too shaded at night? Consider placing decorative wall sconces on the sides of the garage door that come on automatically when you arrive.

2. Choosing the Best Size for Outdoor Light Fixtures

Design and style are essential when choosing your outdoor lights, and so is the size. If it’s too small, it won’t light up as you intended or need. If it is too large, it won’t fit right and could be too bright. Check the dimensions of where you want to place the outdoor lights and shop for those that meet the sizes.

3. Selecting the Right Colors and Finishes For Your Outdoor Lighting

It is the personal aesthetics that will determine the color and finish of the outdoor light fixtures. Where you live can be a factor as well, such as the coastal area, go with a marine-grade finish for rust prevention. With the different colors and metallic finishes, it is easy to incorporate any of the many outdoor lights into your decorating scheme.

4. What is Dark Sky Rating?

With all the variety of choices available, it is easy to see why we love outdoor lighting. We also have respect for safety with outdoor lighting. Any outdoor lighting that has a tag as dark sky compliant rating” is an indication the nighttime blue light is minimal to ease the light pollution and overall evening sky glow, a typical feature for exterior wall lighting.

5. Does UL Rating Mean Anything?

UL rating indicates the light has been tested for outdoor lighting either “damp” or “wet” and is something that you should consider when choosing your outdoor light fixtures, especially around swimming pools.

6. Does UL Rating Mean Anything?

To provide a warm welcome to your home, choose one of the many designated looks to the selection of outdoor porch lights. When looking outdoor hanging lights, be sure to get the right drop, and with your outdoor lighting sconces, consider the surrounding space so that you find to choose the appropriate size.

For outdoor pathway lights to provide the right amount of lighting, measure the pathway entire length and decide how far apart to space them so that the finished of the pathway to determine precisely how many lights you’ll need to achieve the desired look. Don’t forget outdoor ceiling lights with a ceiling fan for the patio to keep the summer days and nights comfortable.