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West Hollywood, CA Outdoor Lighting

Your West Hollywood landscaping will take on a different appearance with the addition of outdoor lighting. Add to the current style, blend in, or go with a contrasting look. The results will be excellent. From bright and bold to ambient and soft, the choices are endless.

Create a warm and welcoming front yard that shows your guests a softly lit pathway to the door. Adding Flood Lighting in different front landscape places will bring the trees into focus while highlighting your West Hollywood home’s architectural details. The right amount and outdoor lighting styles can create your backyard into that unique oasis you’ve dreamed about having as your own. Make this a place to get lost and forget the world around you.

Installing outdoor lighting that not only enhances your beautiful West Hollywood residential and commercial spaces but makes it feel and look comfortable, cozy, warm, and welcoming. Give your home’s architectural design the attention it should have after the sun goes down.


    West Hollywood Outdoor Lighting

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    West Hollywood, CA Landscape Lighting

    Your West Hollywood landscape doesn’t have to be in the dark at night. Adding the right size and type of outdoor lighting can draw a focus on your unique trees, the lush lawn, and your home’s beautiful facade. Small floodlighting along the base of a water feature will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

    Adding elegance and a touch of magical mystery with landscape lighting will make your West Hollywood home the envy of everyone. Ambient, soft lighting along the walkway gives visitors a safe path to follow while giving your home an elegant, warm, and welcoming appearance. The distinctive architectural details of your home can be brought to attention with soft, colorful, or white lighting, and the beautiful tree with a garden surrounding it is displayed in soft floodlighting.

    Bring your dull backyard to life with landscape lighting while making the swimming pool safe to walk around after the sun goes down. Your backyard can be the private oasis, your own’ piece of a luxurious beach. Soft lighting at the gazebo and set up lighting around the outdoor kitchen to cook by. Create a small corner for conversations with low lighting. Bring the gardens to life at night with outdoor lighting that enhances the walk.

    Outdoor lighting properly placed will keep the landscaped yard in view, shedding a soft floodlighting on the flowerbeds, shrubs, and trees to show off the elegance. Surround the back deck or a patio with soft landscape lighting, creating a West Hollywood feel and look where unwinding is required.

    Choose various types of outdoor lighting that will achieve various things for your home and your landscaping. Make the paths and walkways safe while lending elegance and beauty to the gateways, front entrance, and backyard. Your West Hollywood home will have looked better after you’ve had outdoor lighting properly positioned in key places around your perfectly landscaped yard.

    West Hollywood, CA Architectural Lighting

    Architectural outdoor lighting will enhance your West Hollywood home’s unique style. You can bring certain aspects of this home you love into focus with small floodlighting in colors or soft whites. Make your home a focus of the neighborhood while making it safe and beautiful while architectural style lighting.

    The choices in finishes and styles that outdoor architectural lighting is available today are endless. Finding the right type of outdoor lighting isn’t the hard part. It is choosing which one of the many different lighting setups are right for your West Hollywood home.

    With the right design, finish, and style of outdoor lighting, you can illuminate your front yard to show it off or create a quiet oasis in the backyard where you’ll cookout, read, and relax. Bring your home’s interior to the outdoor, extending the comfort level you offer inside.

    Lighting Fixtures

    1. Accent Lighting The Best In West Hollywood, CA

    Adding another level of elegance to your West Hollywood home with ambient outdoor lighting. Focus on that particular feature on the front or accent that special corner in the back yard. With the accent lighting options available today, you can add that safety feature with a modern color, design, and finish to match your home’s unique architectural style.

    2. Step Lights in West Hollywood, CA

    Accidents are eliminated when you add step lighting along the walkways and the front porch. Flush wall mounted lighting around the back deck will keep it ambient and peaceful while making it safe and secure. The front yard can be enhanced with elegant outdoor step lighting that keeps your visitors on the path for safe arrival to your front door.

    3. Flood Lights in West Hollywood, CA

    our West Hollywood home will be safe in a stylish way with outdoor Flood Lighting available today. Choose from different designs and finishes that won’t lose touch with your home’s elegance but will keep the unwanted intruders away. Today’s LED lighting is bright yet soft, elegant, yet keeps your energy bills in place—a discreet way of providing safety to your home and commercial areas.

    4. Wall & Surface Lights in West Hollywood, CA

    The outdoor wall and surface lighting fixtures options are many with a diversity that seems never to end. The perfect pairing is waiting for you to choose, adding elegance to your home while making the paths and walkways safe. The beautiful architect of your home is never lost because of the lighting that hides it. Choose surface and wall lighting that will add to the beauty and enhance the style that is you.

    5. Path & Area Lights in West Hollywood, CA

    Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be bold and bland. It can be an essential aspect of your home’s decorative and stylish architecture and still provide safe entry to your home. Your West Hollywood home should have an outdoor path & area lighting that adds or blends in with your home’s elegance. Choose from the many colors, designs, finishes, and styles that are the perfect match.

    6. Sign & Posts Lights in West Hollywood, CA

    Choose post lighting to place around your West Hollywood home, adding to the modern look with a special touch of yesteryear. Today, the post and sign lighting matches any décor style, from contemporary to classic to modern chic. Sign lighting is that perfect touch at the hot tub or swimming pool, making the area safe yet stylish. Keep the garden pathway lit up with post lighting to showcased after the sun goes down.

    7. Beautiful Pendant Lights in West Hollywood, CA

    You can add your home’s elegance to the back deck and patio areas with outdoor pendant lighting. Creating an outdoor kitchen with lighting illuminates the grill and creates a cozy conversational area with just enough pendant lighting that makes it relaxing. Pendant lighting can add chic and elegance while making your backyard the outdoor oasis that everyone will love.

    About West Hollywood, CA

    West Hollywood is where you’ll find the famous Sunset Strip and a nightlife that can’t be forgotten. Here is where rock-music history stays with various styles of nightlife. With almost 35,000 residents, same-sex homes and marriages are the central populations. The residential neighborhoods include the Norma Triangle, West Hollywood North, West Hollywood West, West Hollywood East, and West Hollywood Heights. They are just a few blocks long and wide, with major intersecting streets that make this part of Los Angeles walkability.

    Beverly Hills is on the west side of West Hollywood, and Los Angeles neighborhoods bound the north. Hollywood borders the East side of West Hollywood, and the Fairfax District is the southeast border, with Beverly Grove bordering its southwest side. West Hollywood is a compact, dense urban form with homes on small lots and dotted with mixed land use. Call us today on (818) 341-8091 to discuss your architectural and specifier lighting fixtures for your commercial and residential building project in West Hollywood, CA!