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If you’re looking for something that will upgrade a room instantly, the right pendant light could be what you need. The pendant lights will illuminate a space with a chic style and an elegant feel while creating a cohesive appeal. If you’re looking for diversity, a modern pendant offers variety with an understatement, no matter your design style. Go with a clean line, an elegant appearance, or fun and whimsical, you can find a pendant light for you. At Hevi Lite, we are proud to design and manufacture pendant lights and hanging light fixtures in California and shipped across the globe, with the best collection of modern pendant lighting.

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120V 12V GU10 MR16



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There Is Something About Pendant Lighting We Love

Choose a pendant light for ceiling lighting to give a room a different touch in any room. The bathroom, a foyer, your reading nook can all be brightened with mini pendant light with style. Pendant lighting is for more than the formal dining room today; they have become an adaptable fixture in any place today.

Pendant Lights in Different Types

Choose the right style of pendant lighting, and it can be the finishing touch in a variety of settings. You can let your imagination use these hanging lights to bring your kitchen sophistication and style, or brighten a home office, a long hallway, or simply light up a corner of the house.

Brighten your dining room or kitchen with a large pendant lamp or a multi-light fixture that works with your décor and style. Cluster several single pendant lights together in varying heights between 28 to 32 inches for that bold statement over a cornered loveseat or unique styled chair or a dining table.

To determine the proper pendant lighting, consider the space and the furniture or other items in place. Do you want a hanging pendant that brightens the area or simply emits an ambient, soft glow? Select the bulb that fits the need you desire to fulfill with a pendant lighting to assure satisfaction.

Pendant Lighting with Iconic and Unique Designs

Over the years, pendant lights have evolved to become the look of modern time, contemporary and refined, classic and unique. Bringing elements of shades made of cracked glass or specialty shades that are highly reflective, each providing a style that is as unique as the individual that chose it. Complete a modern designed room with an irregular-shaped shade, giving any room a futuristic look. The pendant lighting is a timeless addition to any home.

For inspiration, the choices in pendant lighting today are extraordinary and unmatched, the assortment to choose from is iconic and ultramodern. A pendant light can give a room a refined look or a minimalist suspension, the choice is yours to create the appeal and look you desire.

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» Choose the Right Fixture Style, and Installation – Hanging Lights

Today, the pendant lights have many versatile options, making it a challenge to choose the right one. Or can you go wrong with whichever pendant light you select? Look at the area you want to add lighting and get a feel for the tone of the room and space.

» Determine the purpose you wish to achieve

Each place that you install a pendant light can be more than aesthetically pleasing and fashionable; it can be functional too. A pendant light over a kitchen island can offer illumination for tasks of cooking, while the pendant lights in the foyer will be too great guests.

» Choosing the Right Size Pendant Lighting

Choose a pendant light that will provide enough light for space, with a consideration of the ceiling height and the depth, height, and width. The pendant lighting should be a perfect size and illuminate all the areas you want to be brightened without blinding.

» Choosing the right colors and finishes

The pendant light you chose should complement the existing colors of the room, and the choices are many for you to do just that. From bright blues to vibrant reds or conservative greys with design or everyday style, there are many assortments to select. The hardware finishes can make a pendant light the perfect finish to complete a design theme. From the popular metallic finish to brightly painted finishes, choose the one that accents your design.

How much illumination do you need from your pendant lights?

A pendant as a light source requires essential consideration. An LED pendant will emit different amounts of view than the halogen or incandescent. As you choose the pendant fixture, keep the brightness in mind.

Installing a pendant light

Choose a pendant light that you can easily install and the maintenance that will follow for the years of enjoyment it will bring. If you’re installing the lights on a vaulted ceiling in the same decent, be sure you have all the connectors, dimmers, suspension cables, and hardware needed for proper installation. We always recommend having a professional electrician install the lighting.

Other Facets to Consider for Pendant Lights

Choose LED for your pendant lighting to get energy efficiency for your home. The LED options today aren’t just eco-friendly but come beautiful designs that are contemporary, eclectic, modern, traditional, and whimsy. Consider a mix and match of pendant lighting with other lighting to make a statement that is uniquely yours.

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