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Jacksonville, FL Outdoor Lighting

When you live in Jacksonville, Florida, why would you ever stay indoors, even after you get home from work?! Maybe you don’t feel like heading the beach every day? With everything on the market today, you can create an outdoor beach oasis in your backyard. So, after a long day at the office, head on home, kick off your shoes and slide out on your deck. Create a beach feel on the deck and around the swimming pool, all around the backyard, that says, “Come sit and relax, hear the waves.” With just the right type of outdoor lighting, you’ll feel as if you are on the beach each evening. 

With the different designs and styles of outdoor lighting today, you can give your entire backyard a makeover with energy-efficient outdoor lighting. Choose a style that compliments your Jacksonville home’s architectural style with a tad different look, or one that is a complete match. The outdoor lighting available today is low voltage and completely safe around the spa or swimming pool, giving a look of beachside luxury while keeping your family and guests safe.

Jacksonville Outdoor Lighting

Don’t forget about the front yard! It doesn’t have to be the total beach style, but it leads guests to your home with anticipation of what they are about to find in the backyard. Your front yard should have a showstopper curb appeal that lets your visitors know they are welcome. As they make their way to the front door, they’ll soon find out what a wonderful host/hostess you are with a warm and welcoming interior.

Your backyard can be your private oasis, where only the select few are invited for an afternoon cocktail or a Saturday afternoon cookout. With proper seating placed on the deck, accented by ambient lighting strung overhead, making it casual and cozy. Lead your guests to the outdoor kitchen area where pendant lighting is perfectly spaced over the grill, allowing your guests to choose the food they want to enjoy.

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    Jacksonville, FL Landscape Lighting 

    You can’t create a backyard of beauty, comfort, and style overnight. You need to work on your landscaping, bringing the grass to a full, lush, thick green that beacons bare feet to visit. Then you need to approach the spa and swimming pool with forethought and planning. If this is to be your private Jacksonville Florida sanctuary, then decorate to your liking, with only you to please, it makes it easier. Or if you’re planning to entertain, you’ll want inground lighting along the walkway to the pool and around the spa, safety, and beauty all in one.

    Choose a few deck chairs with cushions to adorn the pool and create a comfortable and cozy seating area on the main deck. Use lots of cushions and pillows on furniture that is a conversation grouping with string lighting overhead. Even the simplest of lawn furniture will look luxurious with the right amount of ambient lighting selectively around the seating area.

    A few planters around the deck and ambient floodlights glowing upward toward the house, you can envelop the exterior of your home with the interior. Recessed in-ground lighting spaced perfectly along with the walkway toward the driveway and garage with a post light at the gate will make it safer for coming and going.

    Jacksonville, FL Architectural Lighting

    You chose your Jacksonville home for many reasons, and the architectural style was one. Choose outdoor lawn lighting that will bring that style into focus along with your perfectly manicured lawn and flower beds. With today’s designs and styles of outdoor lighting, your front yard can give a hint as to what is beyond the door. That recessed wall that is plain and ordinary can become a focal point of the neighborhood with LED floodlighting that is weather-proof and ready to withstand weed eaters. Recessed wall lighting behind your flowerbeds, alternated between shining upward and down on the flowers will give it a new dimension and curb appeal.

    Lighting Fixtures

    1. Best Outdoor Accent Lights in Jacksonville, FL

    If your Jacksonville home has outdoor accent lighting in place, add to it with additional accent lighting that complements the existing. In-ground flush lighting along the front walk will give your visitors a safe path to the door, and a floodlight shining up in your ornamental tree will make it the star of your front yard. A specially selected pair of matching wall lights, placed on each side of the front door will say hello and welcome

    2. Step Lights in Jacksonville, FL

    Recessed step lighting makes the front steps safe with ambient lighting. Placing step lights up the deck from the pool so swimmers can watch their step. These step lights are an elegant way to create a safe zone for family and friends. Choose simple, clean line horizontal step lights or go with a stylish and fancy style that is your taste of Jacksonville, Florida.

    3. Flood Lights in Jacksonville, FL

    The floodlights today are not the brash and blinding bright lights of yesteryear. Today, the are energy-efficient LED that provides the lighting you want to keep intruders away but not blind every neighbor near you. Carefully place them along the flowerbeds to shine on the house or around the deck and swimming pool to provide safety.

    4. Wall & Surface Lights in Jacksonville, FL

    Choose flush-mount wall and surface lights to go around the deck will give it a dramatic Jacksonville feel and look. Take that flat and dull wall on the deck and give it a dramatic flair. This backyard is your private oasis, make it ambient and soft or bold and brass.

    5. Path & Area Lights in Jacksonville, FL

    Lighting up the pathway around your front or back yard doesn’t have to take away from the decorative style you’ve created for your private Jacksonville oasis. They are ambient, and they are bright decorations today, and both can provide safety around the pool and along the walkway.

    6. Sign & Posts Lights in Jacksonville, FL

    Your Jacksonville home may not have the architectural design that an outdoor post light would generally match, but why not add a contrast that makes it all yours? Your home’s front door will be visible and give your curb appeal an extra touch that the neighbors are missing.

    7. Beautiful Pendant Lights in Jacksonville, FL

    The seating area in the backyard should be completed with pendant lighting strung carefully at alternating heights to create a distinctive look. Hang a string of pendant lighting over the grill and prep area so that creating those delicious meals is easy to see. Go with a contemporary look or chose a traditional style, whichever makes it an extension of your home’s interior.

    About Jacksonville, FL

    The State of Florida’s most populous city is Jacksonville, with beach communities along the adjacent Atlantic coast. A major military deep water port today thanks to harbor improvements during the 19th century. Jacksonville has a variety of architecture, although there are few structures standing today after the Great Fire of 1901.

    The city boasts having the most extensive collections outside of the Midwest of Prairie School-style buildings that were influenced by Henry John Klutho and Frank Lloyd Wright. With plenty of mid-century modern architecture found throughout the city, you can feel the ever-revolving architecture that residents of Jacksonville love.

    The winters are mild and short in Jacksonville, which brings many Northeastern snowbirds to town, but the summers are hot, humid, and subtropical. From May to September, it is the rainy season that includes some lighting and thunder. There are only ten to fifteen nights in Florida each winter that sees below freezing temperature.

    Next to the military presence and the sightseeing tourist presence, the city and the school districts are the leading employers in Jacksonville. With it being a touristy area, there are hotels and restaurants galore, small souvenir shops, and other tourist type businesses.