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Glendale, CA Outdoor Lighting

The outdoor living area of your Glendale California home should have the same attention to detail as your indoor living area. Not only for entertaining guests but for your enjoyment and relaxation. After a long week of working, running kids around, and life in general, shouldn’t you have a place of your own, a slice of heaven on earth, to calm your soul and relax your body?

To go with the cushioned chairs and loveseat that adorn your deck or patio, adding some outdoor lighting can be the finishing touch to your private oasis. Bring your impeccable personal design and style to the outdoor and create a place that welcomes visitors. A place where you can sit and relax or a cozy place to grill dinner and enjoy the jacuzzi with your favorite beverage.


    Glendale Outdoor Lighting

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    Glendale, CA Landscape Lighting

    Install and position outdoor lighting that shines on a prominent feature of your front landscaping or around the backyard gazebo with pendant lighting will give it a cozy appearance without blinding the rest of the yard. Your backyard is the place where you can create your fantasy world for your enjoyment alone or share with others.

    Landscape lighting adds that magical touch that turns a dark and dull backyard into a bright and delightful oasis. Go with soft colored lighting for your swimming pool or a lively, yet focused white light on your favorite tree or water feature. Your Glendale backyard should beacon you and your guests to come and sit, relax, and enjoy the outdoors together.

    Your landscape lighting can accent and define your backyard and front yard by bringing the focus on your flowerbeds and lush green lawn while providing a safe, well-lit pathway to the door or the swimming pool. Create an outdoor kitchen area with pendant lighting over the grill and counter, or a chandelier style outdoor light over the picnic table.

    Soft, multi-color lighting around the sitting area to make it cozy for conversations and laughter well give your guests a warm welcome. Illuminate your front yard to welcome visitors, making the walkway to the front door safe. Showing the beauty of your landscaping will enhance the curb appeal and value of your Glendale California home, creating attention that your neighbors will admire and copy.

    Glendale, CA Architectural Lighting

    Choose an architectural lighting design that can be a stand-alone statement or is part of a group that brings your outdoor landscaping together, pulling from the interior of your Glendale home. Go with architectural pieces that blend with your outdoor furniture or creates a contrast that makes it bold, dramatic, and uniquely yours. With the right architectural outdoor lighting, your outdoor kitchen becomes a dream for any bbq chef or make it fun and whimsy where everyone kicks back for fun and laughs!

    Lighting Fixtures

    1. Best Outdoor Accent Lights in Glendale, CA

    Accenting light placed in the right places around your Glendale landscaping will put a focus on a piece of yard art or water feature. Around the deck or patio, specially placed accent lighting can complement the main lighting or add light to an area that is dark and unnoticed.

    2. Step Lights in Glendale, CA

    Safety with style is the best way to describe the purpose of step lights. Mount them level with the ground or flush with the wall. They are a stylish way to illuminate stairs and steps, changes in the topography of your Glendale yard. With LED lamping, energy efficiency is still strong.

    3. Flood Lights in Glendale, CA

    With colored outdoor LED floodlighting, you can draw the focus to your gardens, a beautiful tree, or landscape décor on a wall. Provide lighting that isn’t too brass but is still bright enough for the purpose you intended. Let outdoor floodlighting complement your Glendale landscaping with ambient colors of warm and welcoming.

    4. Wall & Surface Lights in Glendale, CA

    Recessed outdoor wall and surface lighting have made its appearance in backyards and front yards now. No longer are they an indoor lighting fixture only. Wall lights can instantly make that one flat wall on the patio a defined focal point that brings your Glendale backyard oasis altogether.

    5. Path & Area Lights in Glendale, CA

    Outdoor landscaping is accented by specialty placed path and area lighting. While providing an illuminated pathway, it is stylish and blends with any design or style of a Glendale back or front yard. In-ground and low-profile, they are only seen when needed, not obstructing the landscaping.

    6. Sign & Posts Lights in Glendale, CA

    Nothing says “welcome aboard” better than a post light on the front lawn. It is a welcoming illumination that is decorative and stylish, art deco, but contemporary modern. It lights the gateway, walkway, and doorway in a style that can’t be beaten for your Glendale home.

    7. Beautiful Pendant Lights in Glendale, CA

    A grouping of outdoor pendant lighting can give your outdoor Glendale kitchen a chic, yet purposeful look. Coordinate with your design or go with a bold and brass look that speaks volumes. Be classical or be whimsical, either way, you’ll
    light the way for cooking and entertaining.

    About Glendale, CA

    Located ten miles north of Los Angles, where two large valleys come together is Glendale, California. The city covers just over 30 square miles, which almost half is water. The 23rd largest city in the state, the climate in Glendale, a Mediterranean style climate. Summers are hot, and winters are damp.

    Glendale is home to Baskin Robbins, Bobs Big Boy Burgers, Avery Dennison, and International House of Pancakes. Glendale is the spillover for Walt Disney Animation Studios when Burbank ran out of room. Grand Central Airport in Glendale was the departure point for Charles Lindbergh and the first commercial west-to-east transcontinental flight.