The SORAA is the best all around LED MR16 available for indoor and outdoor use, and completely replaces some 35W to 75W Halogen lamps in enclosed fixture applications.

Soraa LED MR16 lamp off…ers light output equivalent up to a 75W halogen lamp in a compact MR16 form factor. Their GaN-on-GaN technology, which enables Soraa LEDs to emit ten times more light per unit area of LED material than LEDs built on lower quality substrates. Soraa’s CRI of 95 and R9 of 95 exceed the color metrics of other LEDs without the manipulation of spectra that you get from the “good-enough” products. Our full-spectrum lamps range in color temperature from a warm and relaxing 2700K to a radiant 5000K, a lamp which brings a beam of sunlight into the room.

The GaN-on-GaN LED lamp design builds on novel heatsinking and thermal management in an ANSI/IEC-compliant MR16 form factor that allows its use in open or enclosed fixtures, in damp locations, and for outdoor applications.

All Hevi Lite MR16 fixtures are compatible with SORAA GU5.3 and GU10 lamps. See the SORAA website for product details