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Hevi Lite has been designing and manufacturing outdoor lighting designs for Orange County architects, lighting specifiers, designers, contractors and builders in Orange County, CA.

Orange County, CA Outdoor Lighting

For your enjoyment or entertainment, your Orange County home should be the private slice of heaven where you and your guests can relax. With the extensive outdoor lighting options available from Hevi Lite, the unique features of your landscaping will stand out, and ambient lighting will add a touch of welcoming warmth.

Let your landscape be the place of beauty or a world of fantasy, where anyone can escape the real world for a short time. Your flowering gardens and lush green grass can shine with ambient soft glow or bright floodlighting. Without overpowering the beauty that you have created, choose outdoor lighting that will enhance your Orange County existing landscape features, grabbing and holding the attention of guests and passersby.

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    Orange County, CA Landscape Lighting

    Choose any of our unique outdoor lights to create a guided pathway to your front door or outline your property’s boundary. Refresh your existing landscaping with new LED outdoor lighting, bringing to life an area that has been hiding in plain view. Go with various colors or stay steady with ambient lights that give a soft and warm glow, not brass and harsh appearance, a place of enjoyment and relaxation.
    Landscape lighting can change a boring backyard to a magical Orange County wonderland with bright colors in unique placements. Create a ring of color around a water feature, enhancing the focus centerpiece of your backyard, from flowerbeds and specialty trees to swimming pools and statuettes.

    Highlight your efforts and hard work that has created a dreamland with beautiful landscaping with floodlighting in perfectly positioned lighting. Hevi Lite offers a wide choice of outdoor lighting that can create an Orange County wonderland in any back yard that enhances the details you love but isn’t so bright to be obnoxious.

    With properly placed landscape lighting, the grilling area, the sitting area, or the swimming pool area can be brightened or accented with soft ambient glow leading to them. Recess lighting paired with spotlights around trees and along the front of your home can enhance your home and landscaping, upgrading the outward appearance and curb appeal of your home. Choosing a particular style and types of outdoor lighting will provide a safe entrance and bring the value of your Orange County property to the top.

    Orange County, CA Architectural Lighting

    With perfect placement, outdoor architectural lighting can enhance your Orange County home’s overall aesthetics. Choose outdoor lighting that complements your home’s architectural styling that is beautiful and purposeful. Guide your guests to the entryway or the swimming pool with recessed in-ground lighting that doesn’t blind them. Select from different designs and styles, like a constant ambient look to outdoor wall lights that are dimmable so that you can set the desired mood to relax by or entertain guests.

    Outdoor architectural wall lighting will light up your backyard but won’t, glare into your Orange County neighbor’s homes or take away from the beautiful star-filled night sky. Your landscaping can be complete with delicate lamps accenting your flower garden or more significant, but still, small floodlights can feature a beautiful tree by wrapping around the base of it.

    Choose the perfect outdoor lighting with architectural styling for your outdoor kitchen area that blends or contrasts with your Orange County home’s architecture. You can be innovative in creating an outdoor light feature that is your statement piece that offers an additional element to the overall view. Think outside the standard for an Orange County look that is all yours.

    Lighting Fixtures

    1. Best Outdoor Accent Lights in Orange County, CA

    When you need to spotlight a specific area of your Orange County landscaping, outdoor accent lighting is the solution. Bring brightness to a dark corner of the patio or put the focus on a new flowerbed or a blooming tree. LED accent lights will provide that without worrying about changing the light bulbs.

    2. Step Lights in Orange County, CA

    Regardless of your décor, the addition of outdoor step lights when paired with recessed wall lighting can provide an ambiance with your landscaping as well as provide a lighted pathway for safety. Mounted low to the ground around your Orange County home, the steps are visible at night, with LEDbulbs that are eco-friendly.

    3. Flood Lights in Orange County, CA

    Decorate the exterior of your Orange County home with decorative floodlights that also provide illumination to keep intruders and unwanted visitors at bay. With the LED bulbs, you can place these floodlights anywhere and not worry about changing the bulbs. Complement your home’s styling with colorful, decorative floodlighting.

    4. Wall & Surface Lights in Orange County, CA

    Wall lights and wall sconces have an outdoor place in every Orange County home. Bring visual to an otherwise dull, flat wall with ambient or a colorful flow of light. Create a contemporary style along a patio wall next to the patio table or over the grill.

    5. Path & Area Lights in Orange County, CA

    With Hevi Lite, you can find countless ways to light the paths around your Orange County home and through your landscaping. Guiding the way with in-ground recessed lighting, complemented by spaced pole lights that focus on an area. Area outdoor lights can bring attention to the beautiful blooms and greenery.

    6. Sign & Posts Lights in Orange County, CA

    Post lighting works perfectly for contemporary, modern, or traditional outdoor architect and landscaping. Providing a lighted pathway with style, guests can find their way to the door, and you can find your keys with ease. Place them perfectly spaced around your Orange County deck or patio for grilling and visiting.

    7. Beautiful Pendant Lights in Orange County, CA

    Today, Orange County outdoor landscaping can be brightened with modern pendant lighting on the deck above the table and chairs and over the grill. Illuminating the pathway from the pool to the patio with recessed in-ground lighting, the pendant lighting will bring ambiance to the outdoor dining area.

    About Orange County, CA

    Orange County, California, is where the Los Angeles metropolitan area is home to some of the country’s biggest, well-known tourist attractions. With 40 miles of coastline, Disneyland, and Knott’s Berry Farm, this is a vacation destination for families. While Orange County is always on the cutting edge of contemporary and modern, it also is home to cities of old-time traditional downtown areas. Anaheim, Fullerton, and Santa Ana all feature their 19th-century buildings, incorporating the commercial development that keeps it developing along with the tech-savvy of today. Single-family homes fill parts of Central and Northern parts of Orange County.

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