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Atlanta, GA Outdoor Lighting

Atlanta, GA is a beautiful city, but at the end of the day, it’s nice to come home to your own private world. So, making your backyard and deck into an extension of your interior would allow you to enjoy your home in the outdoors. Decorate the deck to be an outdoor relaxing area. Surround the pool and spa with an atmosphere of luxury, including unique lighting that sets the mood for relaxation.

Outdoor lighting comes in various designs and styles today that are energy-efficient and low voltage, making it easy to choose one that matches your home’s Atlanta architectural style. With the perfect outdoor lighting, your patio becomes a relaxing, warm, and welcoming retreat for just you or to welcome your guests.
Exclusive and unique outdoor lighting can create a cozy place to rest or a well-lit area to grill your favorite weekend meal. Sit in the hot tub or jacuzzi, sipping your favorite chilled beverage, and enjoy a peaceful evening. 

 Atlanta Outdoor Lighting

Set up an outdoor living area that brings out the beauty of your Atlanta home to the outdoors, surrounded by a green grassy lawn and beautiful gardens, highlighted by unique outdoor lighting of various dimensions. Bring out the architectural style and personalities that welcome your guests in the front and bring them through your home to a welcoming backyard. There, they can relax and enjoy a cookout, swimming, and visiting with you.

Picture a deck with a cozy seating area and soft lighting above. An outdoor kitchen with pendant lighting providing your outdoor chef the view they need. Surround the swimming pool with colorful outdoor lighting that keeps it relaxing and safe. This oasis you’ve created will be your private Fantasy Island amid Atlanta Georgia’s hustle and bustle.

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    Atlanta, GA Landscape Lighting 

    It takes time to create beautiful landscaping in the front yard and backyard. The effort to choose the right flowers and shrubs, the time to create a lush, thick grass in the front provides a beautiful curb appeal. Line the walkway to the front door with inground outdoor lighting, creating a safe and warm welcome. Flowerbed filled with colorful blooms and shrubbery that bring your home’s architectural style to stand out with flush wall outdoor lighting that alternates focus on the flowerbed and house.

    The backyard becomes an oasis that you, your family, and your guests can all enjoy. With an ambient decorative outdoor light strung above the patio, the area becomes a place to enjoy the outdoors. An area set aside for the grill where the best summer meals of burgers and hotdogs are cooked, with pendant lighting hung above. A picnic table with strings of lighting above it, your guests will enjoy their meal and your hospitality.

    Installing flush mount wall lights along the deck and ambient floodlighting around the exterior will make a beautiful place to sit with a glass of wine. The recessed in-ground lighting placed perfectly spaced around the walkway to the pool, and a classic post lighting at the gate is a welcoming entrance. This is a place that is all yours, inside Atlanta, Georgia.

    Atlanta, GA Architectural Lighting

    Your Atlanta home needs more than architectural style from the builder. It requires an architectural style that has a design from your personal style. Today, this is easy to achieve with outdoor LED lighting that is ambient or bright, all-white, or various colors. Whatever you choose, that is your style. Create an oasis in your Atlanta backyard that will feel like you’re on vacation every time you go out on the deck. Make it as dramatic and bold as you want, or keep it a quiet, soft appearance that is for nothing but sipping coffee or wine.

    Lighting Fixtures

    1. Best Outdoor Accent Lights in Atlanta, GA

    Bring your flowerbed to focus with specially placed outdoor accent lights that will complement your beautiful blooms. Accent flush mount lighting along the steps to guide the way to the front door and accent each side with ornate lighting on each side of the door. Illuminated your lawn, the beautiful tree in your yard with a design style that is your favorite part of Atlanta. Surround the tree with floodlights that put a soft glow on the beauty of the branches.

    2. Step Lights in Atlanta, GA

    Recessed step lighting placed with care can light a safe path from the curb to the door. Keep a soft ambient feel around the deck, gazebo, or patio. Horizontal step lights can give your backyard an Atlanta feel and look but keep your private oasis.

    3. Flood Lights in Atlanta, GA

    Keep your Atlanta home’s exterior lit up at night to keep intruders away with stylish LED floodlights. The LED light available today will keep your home lit but not blinding your neighbors, and they are energy efficient so that you won’t have a hit on the power bills each month. Placing floodlighting around a unique tree in the front yard will accent your home’s beauty with style.

    4. Wall & Surface Lights in Atlanta, GA

    Transform your back deck or patio with surface lighting with flush wall-mount stylish lights. Or go with ambient recessed lighting that creates clean lines that will accent your Atlanta backyard that makes it bold and dramatic or warm and welcoming.

    5. Path & Area Lights in Atlanta, GA

    Make the walk from the curb to the front door or from the pool to the backdoor, a safe path with decorative outdoor lighting options. Choose a style that matches your Atlanta home’s architectural style or is an offset that brings a focus to the front, providing safety and design.

    6. Sign & Posts Lights in Atlanta, GA

    Today’s homes have architectural designs that are clean and modern. Installing a post outdoor light in the front yard can give it a light old-school touch that makes your home look different from other houses around you. Choose one that compliments or enhances your Atlanta home’s style with any of the features and finishes that are available today.

    7. Beautiful Pendant Lights in Atlanta, GA

    For an Atlanta deck to be complete, pendant lighting around the grill and over the seating area is a must. They can provide bright illumination for the grill and ambient, soft light to relax and converse over the seating area. A few strategically placed flush-mount wall lighting around the deck will create an outdoor version of your home’s interior.

    About Atlanta, GA

    Atlanta is the capital of Georgia, the fourth state of the Union. The city has been a significant part of American history, twice of grand proportions: The Civil War and the Civil Rights. It is a diverse economic city with activity in aerospace, business services, information services, logistics, media operations, medical services, professional services, and transportation. With a topography of dense trees and rolling hills, the nickname of “the city in a forest is the perfect fit.

    Atlanta was to be the end of the railroad initially, but then quick expansion, it became the junction point of several railroads instead. It would be the local depot for the Western and Atlantic Railroad, which is where the name Atlanta would come from, making this a transportation hub for a developing country.

    The Civil War would see the city of Atlanta burned to the ground, depleting most of its historic architecture. Unlike Charleston or Savannah, this city never was architecturally considered a southern city because of its railroad founding. With late development and thanks to the destruction during the Civil war, city landmarks share the architectural characteristics of the Midwest or Northeast instead.