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Hevi Lite has been designing and manufacturing outdoor lighting designs for Chatsworth architects, lighting specifiers, designers, contractors and builders in Chatsworth, CA.

Chatsworth, CA Outdoor Lighting

Whatever application you have in mind, outdoor lighting comes in various shapes and sizes that will add, contract, or fit perfectly. From the front yard to the backyard, outdoor lighting will make it the perfect setting.

Choose to floodlight that will enhance the front lawn landscaping bright yet soft. This lighting can put focus on certain features and make an elegant and safe entrance too. Choose from the many different outdoor lighting that will accent your Chatsworth backyard, creating a relaxing private place for you and your family.

A few additions of unique outdoor lighting can enhance your Chatsworth home with a cozy and warm feeling and make a walkway safe to the door. Select your outdoor lighting fixtures in the shape and size right for your home’s style and needs. Find the perfect matching design or go with one that will add that certain “pop,” giving your home that something special.


    Chatsworth Outdoor Lighting

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    Chatsworth, CA Landscape Lighting

    Bring that unique feature of your home into focus and make it a prominent display among your beautiful landscaping. Whether it is that unique ornamental tree in the front yard, or your award-winning flowers, bring them into focus with selected landscape lighting. You don’t have to let that lush green lawn that you’ve worked hard to grow and those expensive plants and shrubs hide in the dark. With outdoor lighting in the right places, you can show it off to the neighborhood at night too.

    Bring elegance and magic to your Chatsworth landscaping with unique lighting in the front and back. An ambient glow that offers elegance to the front yard and colorful lights can add magic to the backyard. For a home with distinctive architectural details, floodlighting can bring it to focus and provide safety at the same time. Light up that unique tree in the front or create a safe path from the deck to the backyard’s swimming pool with unique landscape lighting.

    A backyard doesn’t have to be boring and dull! Create a private Chatsworth oasis that is all yours with landscaping lights paired with perfect seating. Enjoy a book around the pool with ambient lighting that is ambient and yet bright for safety. With movie-set style outdoor lighting, you can enhance your outdoor kitchen and bring the gazebo in closer with overhead outdoor lighting that has illuminated the pathway between your home and the hot tub or swimming pool.

    With the effort, money, and time you’ve put into your landscaping, shouldn’t it be enhanced with unique landscape lighting properly placed? Focus on your beautiful blooming flowers or the large tree that shades the yard on hot summer days. Light up the deck or patio with colorful and elegant lighting to create a comfortable and cozy setting.
    Your Chatsworth home’s beauty can be enhanced even more with landscape lighting of the right size and adequately placed while creating a safe path to and from the driveway or front walk. Outdoor lighting at the gate entrances and down the walkway, around the garden pathways, and the swimming pool makes it elegant and safe.

    Chatsworth, CA Architectural Lighting

    Enhance your Chatsworth home’s architectural styling with the placement of uniquely designed outdoor lighting. With the right outdoor architectural lighting placed in the right places will add a touch, your style. With so many finishes, shapes, sizes, and styles, there isn’t a problem finding lighting, just deciding which is best for your home. Choose architectural lighting that is functional and purposeful, fun, and elegant, warm, and welcoming.

    Lighting Fixtures

    1. Chatsworth, California Has Access To Fabulous Outdoor Accent Lighting

    Complete your Chatsworth, California home with elegant and ambient lighting that flows over the exterior or give a particular area pop with just a small touch of highlighting. Let the right landscaping and yard décor accent in subtle ways with today’s modern outdoor lighting. Making your home’s architectural style even more unique. Get the more information about the Accent lighting.

    2. Step Lights in Chatsworth, CA

    Secure the safety around your Chatsworth home with stylish step lights. Add a touch of elegance with properly placed flush wall mount and step lighting along with the gardens and pathways—Grace your back deck and front porch with in-ground flush hidden lighting that will lead the way safely.

    3. Flood Lights in Chatsworth, CA

    Hevi Lite designs and manufacture Flood Lights to give a distinct aura to outdoor areas. Our Flood Lights are ideal for illuminating stadiums, concerts, and movie theatres. Protect your Chatsworth home from intruders without losing the beauty and elegance of your home’s architect. Today, the choices of LED lighting styles can match any architecture and keep the unwanted away. The power of LED lighting will last years without raising the energy bills.

    4. Wall & Surface Lights in Chatsworth, CA

    Bring the beauty and elegance of your home with the addition of select and stylish outdoor surface and wall lighting fixtures. The choices are more diverse and vast today than ever before, enabling you to pick the perfect ones that accent your home your way. Surface and Wall lighting are an added elegant beauty that provides a level of safety with a dramatic touch.

    5. Path & Area Lights in Chatsworth, CA

    Outdoor landscape lighting is an essential aspect of the decorative aspect of a home. It enhances the beauty and elegance, lending a touch of uniqueness. Add stylish Path & Area outdoor lighting along the entryways and pathways to your home for safety that blends, matches, or are a contrast to your Chatsworth home. Safety with elegance, a possibility that is yours to choose from many designs, finishes, and styles.

    6. Sign & Posts Lights in Chatsworth, CA

    Regardless of the architectural style and age of your Chatsworth home, post and sign lighting will give your exterior and landscaping that unique touch with a functional purpose. Making the exterior entrances of your home safe, lighting up the garden paths, and around the pool, an addition that is your style and taste.

    7. Beautiful Pendant Lights in Chatsworth, CA

    Hevi Lite pendant lights help you illuminate spaces and add instant chic to indoor areas. Add an element of beauty and elegance to your deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen with outdoor pendant lighting. Create a comfortable and cozy seating area with ambient lighting from a designer styled pendant lighting. With perfect placement, your backyard becomes a place of quiet and rest or excitement and fun, all with chic elegance.

    About Chatsworth, CA

    Chatsworth, California, is in the northwestern San Fernando Valley region, with a population of just over 40,000. Chatsworth is a niche in Los Angeles County, considered by the residents to the best part of California to raise a family. With a dense suburban atmosphere filled with owner-occupied homes that enjoy the many coffee shops, restaurants, and parks. Young professionals are the largest part of the population and send their children to the above-average rated schools.

    North of Chatsworth is the Santa Susana Mountains and to the east is Northridge and Porter Ranch. Canoga Park West Hills border the south side of Chatsworth and Winnetka while the west side is Ventura County and unincorporated Los Angeles County. Chatsworth residents with the equestrian trails enjoy a 1,600-acre park in unincorporated Los Angeles County. Summers can be arid and hot while the winters are cold and wet, a Mediterranean climate that brought many residents. Call us today on (818) 341-8091 to discuss your architectural and specifier lighting fixtures for your commercial and residential building project in Chatsworth, CA!