Highlight the architectural features of your home, office, and commercial buildings with the help of the Architectural Lighting by Hevi Lite

For Every Space In Your Home or Commercials, There is Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting fixtures are a single light source for a whole room or can be several lights spaced perfectly to blend with an existing ceiling light or wall lighting. Track lighting used to be for the den, but today, kitchen and bedrooms both benefit by this style of architectural lighting fixtures. It provides a focused and task-oriented illumination that can be adjusted over a kitchen island or positioned under cabinets.

Hevi Lite is proud to design and manufacture architectural lighting with the best collection of modern architectural light fixtures in California and shipped across the globe. You can achieve a stylish design by hanging a group of mini pendant lights from flexible architectural lighting to replace the traditional style of linear kitchen island lighting.

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Architectural Practical And Design Stylish

Making the kitchen even more appealing and welcoming for family and friends. This style of lighting is perfect for designing a wall that draws attention to artwork, family photos, or display shelves. They can light up an otherwise dim corner, placing a chair under architectural lighting fixtures to make it cozy, perhaps a reading area, or merely a place to sit quietly and think.

You can place recessed architectural lighting in the bedrooms, dining room, or a hallway, even in a bathroom for overhead shower light. Install recessed architectural lighting fixtures are ideal for a low-profile ceiling. Mix flexible lighting, recessed lighting, and track architectural lighting fixtures to create the proper lighting for enjoyment or completing tasks.

Architectural lighting fixtures don’t have to be functional and practical today. It comes in various designs and styles, becoming a piece of conversation and pleasure. Architectural lighting can complete a need for lighting that has a fundamental purpose while giving a touch of beauty and elegance, or fun and whimsical to a room or space.
You can enhance your design ideas with the contemporary and modern light fixtures of today. They can accent a specific corner or wall in a room or place architectural lighting fixtures that bring a focus to an architectural centerpiece, like a fireplace or bookcase.

Flexible, recessed, and track architectural lighting are thought of as practical lighting with a purpose. Today, the designs and styles in architectural lighting fixtures have given us a new way to see them as decorative designs with style. They add to one’s style while still serving a practical purpose.

Today, we can combine architectural lighting styles and create a unique look that is our own instead of following the design patterns of others. We can mix chandeliers with pendant lighting and add an inspiring contemporary fixture to the mix, creating our design. Keeping it contemporary and traditional or bring it to a modern style with class.

Hevi Lite Modern Architectural Lighting Fixtures

Modern track lighting with contemporary architectural lighting fixtures come in a wide range of designs and styles today. It is a guarantee that you can find the architectural lighting to blend and complement any contemporary space or modernize an older architect style. The design ideas of today can run amok and endlessly, with the only limit being your imagination.

You can accent a wall where modern decor adorns with ambient lighting or bring life to a dull and straightforward wall with colorful track pendants. Position delicately designed glass blown shades in a room along with complete track architectural lighting kits that make installation quick and straightforward.

Choose from several architectural lighting fixtures available today includes recessed housings with colorful trims. Available in kits with the accessories need to install them wherever you desire, making your design style. Go with the energy-efficient LED lighting and still get the design characteristics you want and love.

What to Look for When Selecting Architectural Lighting Fixtures

Determine your intended purpose for architectural lighting first. Should it be an ambient overhead lighting or task lighting that is bright and focused? Will adjustable architectural lighting fixtures that are directional be best? Is this the place where a flexible track or monorail architectural lighting is right? Or will accent lighting or overhead lighting the better choice?

Once you have determined the function you desire, take the measurements of the area that you’re placing your architectural lighting fixtures so that you can gauge the right size. The diameter, height, length, and width need to be determined, so you don’t choose architectural lighting fixtures that are too small and insufficient or too large and overpowering.

Next, consider the type of bulb the architectural lighting you choose will require, then buy extra, so you’re ready when it is needed. Keeping the right set of light bulbs on hand means your architectural lighting fixtures will never be dark!

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Other Considerations for Options

Staying with a similar architectural lighting style doesn’t have to be boring or dull. Flexible or track lighting comes in a variety of designs and styles today. If your design ideas include cable lighting, they can be minimalistic or modern, ambient, or directional today. The plans and the styling are unlimited.

The hallways, the kitchen, the living room can all be brightened and brought to life with any of the architectural lighting fixtures available today. If the low profile and recessed lighting are appealing to you, used in the right setting, even flush or semi-flush with the ceiling, you can create a stylish design of a canopy down a long hallway.

Last and not to be overlooked is the mood-setting you desire. Choosing an architectural lighting style with dimmer control and switch, you can adjust the lighting according to the ambiance you want. There are many designs and methods today that can pair well in an exact match or contrast your design, giving the entire room a different look and feel.

Overall, the designs you can create today with the architectural lighting available can be as endless and fun. Go contemporary or stay traditional, even mix the two for your look! The style you create and design as your own could be the next one that everyone else desires to recreate in their own home.