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Chicago, IL Outdoor Lighting

Chicago, Illinois, is known as a big, busy, windy city. Those that live there know differently, though, and they want an outdoor living area that is an extension of their home. The same attention to detail that makes guest wish to stay. A place where they can relax, the kids can play, and the weary world of the big city are of Chicago disappears. Yes, a small piece of heaven on Earth. 

With plush cushioned outdoor furniture to adorn the patio under stylish and unique outdoor lighting, the start of a private oasis is born. Using your style, you can design your private outdoor heaven that can welcome visitors. A place that takes you far from the busy city life of Chicago, Illinois, allowing you to lounge, sit, rest, and relax.

Exclusive and unique outdoor lighting can create a cozy place to rest or a well-lit area to grill your favorite weekend meal. Sit in the hot tub or jacuzzi, sipping your favorite chilled beverage, and enjoy a peaceful evening.

 Chicago Outdoor Lighting

Accent your front yard with a soft glow on a prominent feature. Create an inviting place to sit with dim glowing pendant lights around and above a gazebo. Create a backyard setting of a fantasy world where you can get lost for a short time.

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    Chicago, IL Landscape Lighting 

    Turn a dark and dull area of your backyard landscaping into a magical land with bright, colored, and unique outdoor lighting. A bright and delightful oasis is right there, just giving it a little nudge. If bright isn’t your idea of a nighttime backyard, choose soft colored lighting around the deck and swimming pool. Giving way to pathway lights for safety yet keeping the area ambient and relaxing.

    Make your Chicago backyard anything but Chicago style, and your family and guests will relax and visit, enjoying the sky above. Beautiful landscaping across the front and along the sides of your home can be brought to the forefront with a carefully placed in-ground lighting. They’ll cast a light on your beautiful flowers and shrubs by night and not be in the way during your mow.

    Creating an outdoor kitchen area is simple, with pendant lighting over the table and chairs and outdoor lighting around the grill and counter space. Add multi-color light with soft hues around the sitting area, creating a cozy conversation pit. Create a safe walkway with lighting that guides the way to the door while blending in with the landscaping you’ve designed and worked to create.

    Chicago, IL Architectural Lighting

    Architectural lighting for the outdoor areas around your home can be designed to make a statement and blend with the neighborhood. Bring your home’s uniqueness to attention by placing soft lights around your Chicago home exterior. Create a focal point in the front yard with bold and unique lighting and grace your outdoor furniture with dramatic and unique outdoor pendant lighting, while setting up an outdoor kitchen for meals that express the great outdoors.

    Lighting Fixtures

    1. Best Outdoor Accent Lights in Chicago, IL

    Accent lighting that is placed in specific places around your landscaping can create a focus on your home’s Chicago style. Bring attention to the water feature you choose so carefully. Light up around the deck or patio with specially placed accent lighting that complements the main lighting of the front, making the backyard well-lit and noticed.

    2. Step Lights in Chicago, IL

    With flush-mount and step lighting, your home’s landscaping is accented, and the pathways are safe. Give the pathways, stairs, steps, and walkways a soft illumination that will add to the topography of your Chicago landscaping, and with LED lamping, you’ll be energy efficient.

    3. Flood Lights in Chicago, IL

    Draw attention to your beautiful picture-perfect gardening with colored outdoor LED floodlighting. The colorful hues will allow you to enjoy your gardens at night or accent a beautiful tree in the yard. With floodlighting, it won’t be brass and bright, just a soft hue that brings your Chicago home’s architecture to life.

    4. Wall & Surface Lights in Chicago, IL

    Bring a boring, plain wall to life with recessed outdoor wall and surface lighting, giving the flatness some dimension and adding to your Chicago homes style. No matter if it is in your backyard or your front yard, recessed outdoor wall and surface lighting can bring life to an otherwise dull wall.

    5. Path & Area Lights in Chicago, IL

    Accent your Chicago outdoor landscaping with the specially placed area and path lighting around your home. Adding style with safety, in-ground lighting is low profile but visible when needed without obstructing your landscaping. Lighting the way without blinding the view, the space around your home will have safe walkways.

    6. Sign & Posts Lights in Chicago, IL

    Post lighting says “welcome” before your visitors get to the door. Giving them a lighted way while providing your Chicago front lawn and charming, decorative, and stylish illumination. A touch of the old school that brings out an art deco, yet contemporary modern look to any architectural style.

    7. Beautiful Pendant Lights in Chicago, IL

    Group several outdoor pendant lighting over your outdoor dining area that will add beauty to your backyard and provide a purpose too. They can coordinate with the architecture design of your home or go with a bold look that gives your backyard oasis a whimsical touch that is classy. Perfect for cooking, dining, and entertaining.

    About Chicago, IL

    Chicago, Illinois, sits on Lake Michigan and is the state’s most populated and the country’s third most populated city. Famous for bold architecture that punctuates the skyline with multiple skyscrapers, among them the iconic John Hancock Center, which stands 1,451-ft. The city is known today for the many museums and the Art Institute of Chicago, where famous Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works are found.

    The city is fondly referred to as “Chi-Town” and is famous for its deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hotdogs, found on almost every corner in the city. In 1920, Al Capone, the infamous gangster, called Chicago home and ruled the city as nobody else could back in the day. Perhaps it is the Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, jazz music people love the most about Chicago.