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Hevi Lite has been designing and manufacturing outdoor lighting designs for Los Angeles architects, lighting specifiers, designers, contractors and builders in Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles, CA Outdoor Lighting

Our lighting fixtures enhance the aspect of user experience. We manufacture energy-efficient lighting fixtures that can be integrated with architectural designs and provide the visual comfort needed in buildings. The fixtures are created to adapt to the needs of people while allowing spaces to be inspiring and responsive.

Hevi Lite has been at the forefront in offering lighting fixtures that are unmatched. Our outdoor lighting fixtures complement other features in residential and commercial properties, for instance, gardens and lawns. Property owners don’t even need to have expensive plants in their lawns because our light fixtures compensate for those elements.

We are trusted by many Los Angeles designers, architects, and specifiers for providing outdoor lighting fixtures that stand the test of time. Our lights can be used to highlight the boundary of property and areas with restricted access. 

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    Los Angeles, CA Landscape Lighting

    We offer lighting fixtures of different sizes, shapes, and applications. Whether it’s something to enhance the beauty of an outdoor space or you want to create a focal point, or you want to send a statement of no go zone, our lighting fixtures can do just that. Hevi Lite lighting fixtures installed in buildings and outdoor areas add ambiance to the spaces. Architects and designers choose our lighting fixtures because they are made of durable materials. Our craftsmen assemble the fixtures in our factory from machined and formed brass, solid aluminum, and stainless billet.

    Hevi Lite is the preferred manufacturer of lighting. Our fixtures allow architects and specifiers or designers to define outdoor living areas the same way they do for the indoor spaces. The outdoor space – whether the lawns, gardens, walkways, or pavements – need a touch of warmth. The exterior space in buildings needs to feel safe and beautiful – that’s why we offer you lighting fixture solutions to revamp the beauty of the outdoor landscape.

    We understand that the design elements of buildings are so crucial, and our lighting fixtures are part of that design process. Different buildings require different lighting fixtures for different environments and applications. Hevi Lite designs and manufactures lighting fixtures for various outdoor and indoor space applications.

    Los Angeles, CA Architectural Lighting

    Our outdoor lighting fixtures help to draw attention to signature landscaping features while keeping people safe. We have architectural lights that are functional and serve to give a statement to your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for light fixtures for installing along footpaths or want products to create another dimension within the flagstone, at Hevi Lite, you are covered.

    We offer different styles of architectural light fixtures, including recessed lighting for minimalistic designs. Our dimmable outdoor light fixtures set the mood for entertainment while the outdoor wall light fixtures reduce glare. At Hevi Lite, we draw on the experience and expertise of our lighting fixture designers who utilize an innovative approach, a thorough understanding of issues involved in lighting fixture designs, and paying close attention to detail. We design and manufacture durable lighting fixtures to transform outdoors for commercial and residential buildings. Architects and specifiers can find lighting fixtures designed for wet conditions like the kitchen or outdoor areas and the bathrooms. We model and simulate lighting designers ensuring that we craft light fixtures that can have an aesthetic effect, safety, security, and functional use in buildings and spaces.

    Lighting Fixtures

    1. Best Outdoor Accent Lights in Los Angeles, CA

    Our accent light fixtures offer the spotlight needed to highlight special areas in buildings. Hevi Lite has a selection of access light fixtures for various outdoor spaces. Designers and architects can use our outdoor lighting fixtures to brighten the outdoor kitchen counters, corridors, pavements, entrances, and other spaces within commercial and residential establishments.

    2. Step Lights in Los Angeles, CA

    You know that the steps are responsible for many falls in residential and commercial premises. Our indoor step lights bring the illumination needed to keep the steps safe. The lights allow people to see and traverse the stairs safely.

    3. Flood Lights in Los Angeles, CA

    Hevi Lite designs and manufacture floodlights to give a distinct aura of outdoor areas. Our floodlights are ideal for illuminating stadiums, concerts, and movie theatres. For that fashion show event or music concert, use our LED floodlights to ensure smooth proceedings. Exterior designers and architects can fit the floodlights in gardens, parks, golf courses, tunnel areas, museums, or other areas needing more lighting.

    4. Wall & Surface Lights in Los Angeles, CA

    Our wall lights not only make the wall worth noticing but make it look decorative. At Hevi Lite, we have designed our wall and surface lights to allow designers to add ambient lighting in different spaces. Our wall lamps and sconces are shaped to give dramatic down and up lighting effects while adding structure and depth to spaces.

    5. Path & Area Lights in Los Angeles, CA

    The outdoor landscape design needs that perfect finishing touch, and our path and area lights provide just that. Our pathway lights offer safety and beauty while allowing buildings and the surroundings to stand out, particularly at night. We design and manufacture a variety of pathway lights to suit different outdoor areas.

    6. Sign & Posts Lights in Los Angeles, CA

    Our sign and post lights not only bring a decorative character to the yards and driveways but also help with safety. Hevi Lite offers posts lights that provide welcoming illumination to outdoor areas. Our posts lights are designed to match the building’s architecture and create an element of safety. Designers can accent walkways, patios, gardens, and driveways with our range of signs and posts lights.

    7. Beautiful Pendant Lights in Los Angeles, CA

    Hevi Lite pendant lights help you illuminate spaces and add instant chic to indoor areas. Depending on the type of décor style in a building, designers and architects can choose suitable pendant lighting fixtures for individual spaces, including fun styles or whimsical style and clear lines.

    About Los Angeles, CA

    Los Angeles, incorporated in 1781, is the second largest city in the nation and lies in the seat of the most populous county in U.S., Los Angeles County. This city is known as the cultural, financial, and commercial hub of Southern California and the center of the nation’s film and television industry. Los Angeles has a diverse economy and hosts various businesses with a wide range of professional and cultural fields. There are lot of popular places here like iconic Hollywood sign, studios such as Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers.

    With a year-round mild-to-hot and mostly dry climate, characterized by seasonal changes in rainfall—with a dry summer and a winter rainy season, making Los Angeles a favorite and an overall safe city, with extremely safe neighborhoods. Hevi Lite is proudly serving as your source for Lighting and more in Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas. Call us today on (818) 341-8091 to discuss your architectural and specifier lighting fixtures for your commercial and residential building project in Los Angeles!