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Hevi Lite has been designing and manufacturing outdoor lighting designs for New York architects, lighting specifiers, designers, contractors and builders in New York.

New York Outdoor Lighting

Hevi Lite has been developing luxurious outdoor lighting designs for NYC interior designers, builders, lighting specifiers, homeowners, architects, and contractors. With so many designs and styles in outdoor lighting, today they are energy-efficient and low voltage and still brighten your outdoor dream. You can choose lighting that will blend with your New York architectural style and not worry about the energy it is consuming. Outdoor lighting today allows you to complete a distinctive look that is warm and welcoming for a seating area or illuminate the spa in a luxurious way that is safe.

The perfect outdoor lighting can create a living area that generates a radiant beauty gleaming across a green and lush grassy lawn. Placing a spotlight on the labor and love you’ve put into your landscaping or provide a soft glow for your inner-city deck. Whether it is carrying a soft glow from across the front yard around to the backyard, or shining the way to the rooftop deck, your New York outdoor oasis will have a continuous appeal. With a wide range of outdoor lighting, your imagination is your only limit. 

New York Outdoor Lighting

The unique styles of outdoor area lighting allow your home to become your private oasis. In a city full of people like New York, you can choose to enjoy this space on your own. Or decide to invite a few select friends to blend away on your fantasy island with comfortable and cozy furniture, ambient lighting, and conversation. Set up your outdoor kitchen with pendant lighting over the grill, bring your indoor kitchen to the outdoor for summer cooking and entertaining.

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    Today, living in even the most inner-city part of New York, a homeowner can make their dreams of a backyard oasis come true. Hevi Lite is proud to manufacture and design finely engineered lighting and luminaires for New York residents. We structure outdoor lighting, hanging pendant lights, sconces, Accent lights, landscape lighting, architectural lighting, and much more for residential and commercial practice. With our unique lighting, you can create that private oasis that takes you to the beach mentally.

    New York Landscape Lighting

    It takes more than just overnight to create beautiful landscaping in the front or back yard. The effort and the time are more than standing a few folding lawn chairs in a semi-circle with tiki sticks around them. With the exclusive designs and unique outdoor lighting, you can create a rare New York oasis that others have only dreamed and imagined having. With just a little extra effort and a few complimenting light arrangements, you can have a backyard or a rooftop that tells your visitors to sit and rest, let’s talk and laugh.

    Recessed in-ground lighting in an arrangement will create a special glow along walkways with unique plants that will accentuate their beauty and make for a safe path to the pool or spa. Create a warm, welcoming entrance into your oasis and along with the garden with landscape lighting that creates a lush beauty that relaxes you and your visitors at the end of a hectic New York day.

    Every New York home deserves lighting around its exterior that is exquisite and unique, which speaks of the homeowner’s distinct personality and style. Let the landscape lighting you choose to provide a well-lit path of safety that extends your home’s interior beauty to your outdoor living space. With landscape lighting properly placed, you can create a cozy place to sit, laugh, relax, and enjoy the evening with family and friends.

    New York Architectural Lighting

    Your New York architectural lighting should be more than an ornament of design. It should be a part of your design and your style; it should be your personality. This lighting is all available today in LED and weather-proof architectural lighting, allowing you to create a New York backyard that is a unique oasis. Adorn the flowerbeds with recessed wall lighting and accent with a post light that gives it that dramatic architectural touch that makes your home unique. Placing pieces of outdoor architectural lighting around a large tree or your unique outdoor water fountain will entice onlookers with a second glance.

    Hevi Lite can provide New York City clients any style, material, and detail with the expert guidance they need to develop for their exterior lighting plan and make their ideas come alive. Contact us today or call our lighting experts at (818) 341-8091.

    Lighting Fixtures

    1. Best Outdoor Accent Lights in New York

    New York is full of 0utdoor lights that are bright and glaring, calling for attention. When you go home, your backyard, deck, or rooftop patio should be calm, soft lighting. With the many different designs and styles, you can complement your personal outdoor space with outdoor accent lighting. Put a soft spotlight on a water feature or bring your flowerbeds to life in the evening hours. By placing accent lights along the entryway to your home, you provide an illuminated, safe way to your door. When mixed with floodlighting, your home beacons and welcomes visitors while staving off unwanted guests.

    2. Step Lights in New York

    The path to your front or backdoor should be well-lit and safe for you and your guests. With inground and recessed step lighting properly place, you can have just that and still have that soft ambient appeal around your deck, gazebo, or porch. Brighten the horizontal steps with an elegant design and style that speaks New York’s uniqueness.

    3. Flood Lights in New York

    With adequately placed and uniquely designed floodlights will keep unwanted visitors away, keeping your home safe and secure. Yet, you won’t have to have bright, glowing floodlights shining brightly into your neighbor’s windows. Today, LED floodlights that provide this level of safety with style and won’t expand your monthly utility costs. Place floodlights around your backyard or rooftop to give the space a warm and unique glow.

    4. Wall & Surface Lights in New York

    A deck on the rooftop or a patio in the backyard can be transformed into a comfortable place to enjoy with the right outdoor wall and surface lighting. Keeping clean lines with recessed lighting that is available in many different styles and finishes will create a feel and look that is ambient and dramatic. The flattest and most unadorned wall on the rooftop or in the backyard can become a decorative focal point with the right wall and surface lighting.

    5. Path & Area Lights in New York

    Keep your rooftop oasis or backyard dream pathways well-lit for safety while maintaining your unique personal style. Go with the design plan you have in mind and choose the right size that lends to your creative touch, giving your outdoor New York living area a feel and look that is yours.

    6. Sign & Posts Lights in New York

    The designs and styles today for sign and posts outdoor lighting have made them not only functional and practical, but they enhance the architectural design of any home too. They enhance a home’s architect while providing a safety measure along the front walkway. A home with sign or post light will stand out in the neighborhood and with a finish that blends well with a classic or ultra-modern design. Your own unique New York style can be glowing and well lit.

    7. Beautiful Pendant Lights in New York

    Any backyard deck or rooftop oasis in New York can be illuminated for the outdoor kitchen while staying ambient for the mood that surrounds it. Bringing your unique indoor decorating to the outdoors will make guests feel cozy inside or outside. Your backyard deck or patio should be an outdoor oasis that is you and your style, whether you have a contemporary, traditional, or whimsical touch to your home.

    Let Hevi Lite manufactory transform your ideas to finalization for your next New York City outdoor lighting project. Contact Hevi Lite today by calling direct our lighting experts at (818) 341-8091.

    About New York

    When you think of New York, you probably think of it as one large, very populated city. When you’re from New York, you see five smaller cities within the big city, and you define yourself by the borough you live in or work. There is The Bronx, where Yankee Stadium sits, and there is the Queens, a city full of many ethnic neighborhoods. Then there is Staten Island, known for the Staten Island Ferry, and we can’t forget Brooklyn and Coney Island.

    Of course, Central Park is all New York, as is Broadway, The Met, the Guggenheim Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History, which is also extremely famous. If you can’t find something to do any day or night of the week, you’re not looking around. In 2018, the population of New York City was over 8 million people, all a little over 300 square mile area. Yes, New York, a densely populated city in America, and true New Yorkers are proud of that. You either love it, or you hate it.

    The first documented visit was in 1524 by a European explorer, Giovanni da Verrazzano, as he traveled in the service of the French crown. In the pre-colonial times, the area was occupied and settled by Native Americans, the Algonquian and the Lenape. Their homeland included the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Islands’ western portion, including what would become in time known as Brooklyn, Queens, and the Lower Hudson Valley