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Hevi Lite has been designing and manufacturing outdoor lighting designs for San Francisco architects, lighting specifiers, designers, contractors and builders in San Francisco, CA.

Outdoor Lightning in San Francisco, CA

Hevilite is known for our unique outdoor lighting that allows you to give your San Francisco home a unique appearance. We have outdoor lights that will create a beautiful boundary for your property and provide a guided pathway to the entrance of your home. Whether you’re installing all-new or updating your existing outdoor lighting, we have the lights that you need and will want.

The right outdoor lighting will make your San Francisco lawn seem like a fantasy as you walk into the ambient light. Focused lighting will accent the green grass, blooming trees, and specialty shrubbery. With outdoor lighting positioned in the right areas, the existing features and ornaments will stand out, capturing the attention of neighbors and onlookers.


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    San Francisco, CA Outdoor Lighting

    Your San Francisco home is the place where you go to get away from the day’s hectic pace, and the outside of it should beacon to you to come in and relax. There is nothing that can make it as peaceful, serene, and give a warm welcome as the right outdoor lighting. From ambient lighting or a special glow or a brighter spotlight to grab attention, lighting your yard should extend the warmth of your home.

    San Francisco, CA Landscape Lighting

    There is so much more creating a warm and welcoming Los Angles landscaping than a few shrubs, a tree, some solar floodlighting, and a couple of chairs around the grill or a picnic table. With a professional installation service, your backyard transformed into a beautiful oasis that offers a safe and relaxing place for you, your family, and your guests.

    You want your landscaping lighting to enhance your San Francisco home’s overall look while increasing your property value. Properly placed landscape lighting will provide a safe and sufficient pathway to the front door from the driveway or from the swimming pool to the grill. Bringing a boring and dull backyard to one that is bright where needed, while yet offering an ambient, soft glow around the ornamental flower beds, individual trees, a water feature, or light up the yard’s dark areas and around the swimming pool for safety.

    All this while keeping the lighting within your yard, and not blinding your neighbors. The right amount and adequately placed landscape lighting can bring a bright and magical San Francisco style appearance to your front yard. With motion sensors and timers that turn off as needed, your landscape lighting will be eco-friendly.

    San Francisco, CA Architectural Lighting

    Perfectly placed architectural outdoor lighting will not only draw attention to your signature and unique San Francisco landscaping features but provide lit, safe pathway. Architectural outdoor lighting can be functional by creating another dimension along your flagstone or stone walkway with an innovative design that is only of San Francisco style. Recessed lighting will provide subtle illumination that is perfect from the minimalist design while preserving the flow of your design plan, accenting the overall aesthetic of your San Francisco home, while complementing your home. Let Hevilite bring a unique glow to your landscape with our assortment of architectural outdoor lighting.

    Lighting Fixtures

    1. Best Outdoor Accent Lights in San Francisco, CA

    Outdoor accent lighting can add that something extra to your San Francisco landscaping where the ambient light isn’t enough. Without overpowering and yet still accenting that special place in the garden or a yard ornament, LED outdoor accent lighting is that just perfect brightness you want that will glow forever.

    2. Step Lights, San Francisco, CA

    Falling and tripping are frequent accidents in any San Francisco backyard that outdoor step lights can help avoid. When paired with recessed lighting, you’ll still have that ambient glow, but a lighted pathway for safety too. There is a wide range of LED step lights styles that will keep those pathways well-lit forever.

    3. Flood Lights in San Francisco, CA

    LED floodlights will illuminate your San Francisco landscaping, bringing attention to the beautiful trees or ornate décor. When paired with in-ground recessed lighting, your landscape can be showcased in the evening just as it is in the daylight. With eco-friendly LED floodlights today, your world is brighter without draining the monthly budget.

    4. Wall & Surface Lights in San Francisco, CA

    Outdoor wall lighting can bring a touch of unique style to your San Francisco, CA home’s landscaping. By adding blending or bold designed ambient wall and surface lighting in a variety of areas throughout your yard, completing that dramatic effect with a touch of artistic colors and shades.

    5. Path & Area Lights, San Francisco, CA

    Beautiful, unique outdoor path and area lighting will create and complete that vital aspect of your outdoor San Francisco landscape design. Creating a way to the entry with LED decorative spotlights will blend with your décor in a low-profile manner with your touch of unique decorating style.

    6. Sign & Posts Lights in San Francisco, CA

    Hevilite offers a range of sign and posts lighting to fit any San Francisco outdoor landscaping decor. Post lights illuminate a welcoming walk up to the front door, making a decorative statement while providing safety. Choose a style to go with a historic look or modern architecture. The blend will be perfect.

    7. Beautiful Pendant Lights in San Francisco

    Complete the perfect San Francisco outdoor deck and patio area with the perfect pendant lighting. Brighten the grill area for evening cookouts or add a touch of ambient style to the conversational section. Outdoor pendant lighting is a chic way to give your outdoor space a style upgrade.

    About San Francisco, CA

    Founded in 1776, today, San Francisco colloquially known as SF, San Fran, Frisco. It is Northern California’s center for commercial, cultural, and finance, as well as a popular tourist destination.

    The 1849 California Gold Rush was what brought San Francisco to the forefront as treasure seekers left the oil boom behind, creating a population referred to as the “forty-niners,” and a name carried on by a famous professional football franchise.

    San Francisco is known for cool summers and steep rolling hills filled with eclectic architecture mix and well-known landmarks like cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the famous Chinatown district.