For your backyard enjoyment to your front yard for aesthetic curb appeal, landscape lighting can transform your home into a work of beauty. The trends of 2021 are indicating a light show like no other! Read along with us as we take a look at what is on the lighted horizon.

Top 10 Landscape Lighting Trends in 2021

1. Linear Lighting with LED Lights

Light up the stairway path with strips of LED lighting attached to the overhangs, creating an attractive and safe path. Brighten the deck and span with this elegant and modern touch while providing a conversation starter. Take this idea inside for the staircase, and your home’s interior will take on a new appearance in the evening hours.

Stairway Linear Lighting with LED Lights

2. Integrated Recessed Lighting

Integrate recessed lighting into your home’s architecture and structure along the deck, pergola, and soffits. A soft glow of lighting that creates a safety feature while keeping your home’s architectural styling intact. Focus on a front yard feature, the unique plants or shrubbery. This style of lighting is practical and yet invisible.

Landscape Integrated Recessed Lighting Trends

3. Personal and Stylish Scones

Your outdoor lighting doesn’t need to be that afterthought anymore with scones that are personal and stylish. With brass and copper finishes, go with a modern or vintage style that can give your front yard an elegant touch or a creative and fun mood in the backyard. Bring your interior style and creativeness to a cohesive flow from the inside to the outside.

Personal and Stylish Scones Outdoor Lighting

4. Lighting with Brains

Today, between the technology available and the low-voltage LED lighting systems, having the outdoors lit will not ruin the holiday budget. This energy-efficient way of turning lights off and on by your cell phone is a money saver, and they do more than just lights. Cover the swimming pool or get the hot tub warming on your way home. Check your security cameras while you’re out of town and more.

Luxury LED lighting systems

5. Color Your World

Keep your landscape evolving with a color-changing light system. Bring your landscape to life with changing lights in the water fountain and along the walkway. You can create an ambiance relaxing in warm oranges and yellow or cooler in blues, greens, and purples.

Color Changing Lighting Trends

6. Modernize Lawn Bollards

Commonly found around business and public structures, lighting the pathway, but today, you can light up your walkways with lawn bollard light stands. Add to the contemporary and modern vibes you have a picture with these unique lighting structures. The bright LED lights are versatile for the front landscape or in the backyard around the deck, casting a comfortable low light around your seating area.

Modernize Lawn Bollards Landscape Lighting Trends 2021

7. Solar Powered Lantern

Lighting up the garage pathway to the backyard with solar-powered lanterns is a modern way to be safe with a chic style. Matching the light cases with the rest of your architecture will give your home a unique glow by night after powering up from the sun all day.

Solar Powered Lantern Landscape Lighting Trends

8. String Lights in The Tree

Give the picnic table in your backyard a special glow with string lights ran through the trees. Not visible by day, but by night, the glow is bright enough to converse and eat without blinding your guests or the neighbors. Every gathering in your backyard can be a party on the patio!

String Lights in The Tree

9. Dramatize Your Home with Uplighting

With our uplighting systems along the front of your home, the architectural style will stand out like it never has before. Show off that beautiful home while keeping it safe from intruders.

Home Outdoor Lighting Trends 2021

10. Top Off the Fence

Nothing can make a home more festive than holiday lighting, including the backyard. Running string lighting along the top of the fence for the holidays will look so beautiful and bright, you may decide to leave them all year long!

Landscape Lighting Trends Top Off the Fence

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