Path lights are usually what we think of first whenever we are considering landscaping lighting. Thanks to their versatility, path lights are popular for adding more appeal to your home’s landscaping. However, the way you choose to install landscape path lights is a crucial aspect of this landscaping technique.

Adding different varieties of path lights can transform your dull outdoor area. You will love the effect these beautiful lights make to light up gloomy parts of your home or workplace.

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Benefits of Path Lighting Installation

Path lighting installation offers numerous benefits. Apart from functionality, they are pleasing to the eye. Many homeowners install path lights to define boundaries for gardens, patios, walkways, driveways, yards, and light up steps. Whether you choose traditional or contemporary path lights, these beautiful décor accessories increase more visibility and safety to your property’s outdoor areas.

Let’s find out where and how to place path lights for a beautiful effect.

Landscape Path lighting Installation: Where and How to Place Path lights

Factors to Consider when Installing Path Lights

A little planning and a little knowledge about the best landscaping path lights can go a long way to place these lights accurately. Here are some essential things to consider.

» Spacing

If you are wondering how to space path lights, this should be similar to that of your sidewalk entrance. One of the purposes of path lights is to guide your guests to the various outdoor areas of the property. That’s why you should avoid overlighting the area. Generally, the path lights should be at least six to eight feet apart to guarantee an aesthetically pleasing and well-lit outdoor area.

» Design

Make sure to choose the appropriate path light design according to the area or object you want to illuminate. If you want to light up a specific ground area without lighting up the surroundings, post lights featuring opaque hoods are the best. That’s because their hoods block the light everywhere but below.

In case you need to cast light on your garden décor and plant collection, you can choose special application lights.

Most types of landscape path lights have diffusers or hoods to eliminate glare and cast light toward the ground. The shade gives a unique touch to their design.

Post-style lights are common for path lighting installation. The fixtures can light up the edges of your gardens and driveways. Some property owners prefer simple designs, while others go for modern LED bulbs or hanging laps.

» Effects

You can’t really tell how a specific design will light up your desired area unless you see its actual effect. The best way to see how different types of path lights will look is to examine their effect at night. Wait until night falls to see how different lighting fixtures illuminate your outdoors before you buy multiple landscape path lights to install outdoors.

Best Path Lights to Choose for Landscaping

Step Lights

» Step Lights

What’s great about landscaping lighting is that it can do a lot more than adding charm to your home’s exterior. Using step lights is a great way to make your patio or pool area more secure. Installing step path lights near the garden or the gate will ensure your guests or young children don’t trip over the stairs.

Area Lights

» Area Lights

When you have a beautiful garden or a spacious patio, you want to draw your guests’ attention to these beautiful elements of your home. Path lighting installation can be a great way to lure your guests into exploring your exotic plants or enjoying drinks outdoors. Installing path lights around your gate area ensures a smooth entry for your guests, especially if children or seniors are accompanying adults.

Accent Lights

» Accent Lights

If you want your home to mimic a resort, using accent lights for outdoor bars and cabinets can make your dream come true. Accent lighting provides that extra spotlighting and a unique architectural touch for radiating specific areas of your outdoor space. Choose modern accent lights in various designs and specs to warm up your deck, patio, or other outdoor seating areas.

Pendant Lights

» Pendant Lights

Nothing upgrades a boring area of your home’s exterior than a pendant light. That’s because these beautiful lights light up space with a warm and contemporary glow. If you are looking to add more variety to your landscape path lights arrangement, add a few pendant lights. Many homeowners install this path light as a central fixture by hanging it over something beautiful.

Surface and Wall Lights

» Surface and Wall Lights

Wall lights offer the easiest way to install path lights. Their design guarantees to add a touch of elegance and ambient lighting to your outdoor décor. You can install these lights anywhere you want, such as your brick garden wall, ceilings, or porch area.

Flood Lights

» Flood Lights

Everywhere you go, you spot flood lights illuminating the roads, concert halls, and sports stadiums. However, this popular option comes in handy for path lighting installation. LED flood lights are not just great for making your landscaping stunningly beautiful, but they also help you to set up a well-lit space for outdoor events. Install flood lights in your garden area if you frequently host friends and family.

Helpful Tips for Path Light Installation

Once you choose the appropriate space and design for path lights, you need to figure out how to install them safely. While many DIY enthusiasts can embark on this project, don’t try it on your own if you don’t’ have experience working with electrical wires or tools. You also need to consider the placement of underground utilities. You will have to check with your local authority for guidance in most cases, so you don’t dig near electrical lines.

Homeowners should also consider the different types of voltages. Line voltage utilizes the same type of electricity as the lights in your home. Any fixtures with this connection style will need assistance from a professional electrician.

When using fixtures with line voltage, you can figure out the points where you want to install landscape path lights. You can simply choose the positions and let your electrician take care of the wiring.

Other popular types of landscape path lights use low voltage for power, thereby requiring a transformer on your property’s GFCI outlet so you can complete the path light installation task on your own.

In simple words, you need to know the locations where you want to place the path lights, the best type of path lights for different areas, and consider the voltage requirements for a safe installation job.

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